I want to say this isn't a "true" Fire Emblem...

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Triceranuke posted...
It honestly doesn't feel too different from any other Fire Emblem I've played, though to be fair I've only played this one, Blazing Sword and Radiant Dawn.
My first playthrough on normal, yeah I completely broke it by grinding but on my hard mode run I've decided to do as little of the Risen/Spotpass DLC as possible until done with my main game.

But it's never been hard to break a fire emblem game. In Blazing Sword, half the time it'd just be Hector blowing through crap while everyone else did **** all. And Ike could do most of his game on his own.

Pretty much any game has a way you CAN make things super easy for yourself, doesn't mean you have to.

If you're "blowing though" the game with just Hector, you probably weren't playing HHM. As for Ike, there's a reason why he's considered to be one of the best units in RD.
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Hey TC, want to know what other FE game had infinite grinding? FE Gaiden. The second game in the series. In fact, it was almost required if you wanted to beat the game.

and which one did the series follow in the footsteps of afterwards, and which one went on to be mostly forgotten by history?
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Besides the infinite level ups anything else you dislike about it?

You played and Liked FF13? How did you tell yourself to beat that game I got so bored with it so fast.
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samplon posted...
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blueruler posted...
no one says you have to grind dlc, no one says you have to boss/arena abuse, no one says you have to use that warp staff.

I enjoy being able to do things after the story, if you want to grind and grind on dlc, or abuse the arena till you have a 20/20 hector be my guest.

and IS defines what fire emblem is, not much say in that :/

The problem is, is that IS/Nintendo are really pushing the idea of level grinding. They even have a DLC made to cater specifically to that.

Heiedono posted...
I'm not sure how allowing level replays changes the entire genre of a game but if you want to call it that go ahead.

It's not just the level grinding. There are so many things that can break and trivialize the game. Nosferatu, Veteren MU, Children, SpotPass/DLC, etc.

That's why i didn't bother elaborating. You would always disagree no matter what good arguments i make. I'm not getting paid to have a debate on this game.

You say you don't want to debate, but you entered a topic which would obviously involve debating. But not only did you come in, you also insulted me. Well from here it looks like you said something you can't defend, and now that you're being pushed into a corner, instead of leaving, you're only making things worse for yourself.

I'll do you a favor and just tell you to leave. If you don't reply to this, I'll assume you accepted the offer and have admitted that you're talking out of your a**.

I just entered the topic to voice an opinion that's all. You're overreacting.
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azn_boy150 posted...
in that it's more of a generic JRPG than it is an SRPG which Fire Emblem games are supposed to be. But at the same time, I don't want to say it because I don't want Endgame cooties. And Endgame, if you say that they're contracted only through "bodily fluids" again I will hurt you.

Well any Fire Emblem where your characters can reach the cap stats shouldn't be a SRPG then. There may be infinite level grinding in this game but it's limited by class caps. Any Fire Emblem that allows grinding(Boss Abuse, Arena abuse) is not a real strategy RPG either, it's just a JRPG.

Honestly no, arguments like you're making is the very essence of what makes bad and divisive fan bases, suddenly a game is "not a true [insert game]" because it's got a certain feature or other.
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Help IS added an optional feature I don't have to use. Help this game is making me grind away any element of strategy because there are optional battles outside the story.

Also, "true" Fire Emblem games still have arenas and bosses with regenerating HP which also allow for infinite grinding. Good job.
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it lost that fire emblem feel when they decided to throw in reclassing into it.

sure grinding is fine, I done it before with previous FE games due too arena abuse. but reclassing takes away the point of a specific character's role. some people may beg to differ but thats just my 2cents.
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If you're going to define this as not a true "SRPG" then you're left with a field of true "SRPG"s that mainly consist of previous Fire Emblem and Advance Wars.

Removing RPG elements from an SRPG doesn't leave you with a true SRPG, it leaves you with a strategy game like Chess.

I've personally always defined the SRPG genre almost exclusively by being an RPG that requires you to position characters on the field of battle manually, as opposed to making generic choices like front/back or having movement automatically done by the game. You'd have a hard time finding anything else consistent.
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Okay, maybe I should clarify. Infinite level grinding, combined with infinite level ups, makes this feel more like a "JRPG" because it lets you easily reach ridiculous stats; killing the whole strategy part of SRPG.
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azn_boy150 posted...
Okay, maybe I should clarify. Infinite level grinding, combined with infinite level ups, makes this feel more like a "JRPG" because it lets you easily reach ridiculous stats; killing the whole strategy part of SRPG.

In previous Fire Emblem games being even a little over leveled allowed you to kill any strategy. A few points of defense would lead from getting 3HKO'd to the high teens.

The stats and growths are higher in this game but you need more of each to have the same effect they'd have in any other Fire Emblem game. The only game you'd have a case for is the last couple chapters of FE12 on Lunatic or Lunatic reverse where the stat caps are pretty much expected to perform well.