Favorite Villain *spoilers*

#11CloudflierPosted 3/1/2013 10:02:16 PM
Jstretch19 posted...
Cervantes wasn't really a villain, just a poor man's Camus.

Eh, true, but people really enjoy fighting Cloudcuckoolanders.
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no mustafa? he has more development in one chapter than the others did throughout the whole game.
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You know what? We need to hold a contest to see who the best villain was in any Fire Emblem game out there (or to my knowledge, the ones released here in the states). I think that would be cool.
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TyrantKnight posted...
no mustafa?

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Jstretch19 posted...
That said my absolute favorite is the boss in chapter 10.

Oh man, that guy was so refreshing.
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#16dr_burger92Posted 3/1/2013 10:12:02 PM
Gangrel was done right. He was a crazy douche but he had legit reasons for his actions. I actually wish they had gone deeper into the conflict with plegia from 15 years ago. It could have served to develop chrom more too, having the son pay for the father's sins.
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Mustafa, which isn't mentioned on this poll, is my favorite...sure a minor boss from chapter 10(the one after Emmeryn dies, it's raining, and has the sad music) but that chapter was in my eyes, a perfect chapter in this game. This reminds me of what a true classic Fire Emblem boss is about. He showed a side or compassion and offered to protect your units if they surrendered. Also when his own men didn't want to fight as well, he understood and was willing to take the blame, however because of that courage, the troops stood by their general.
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Mustafa was a good character, I was just going for the most major villains. Although Yen'fay really didn't do much.... he did have plot significance. I have a feeling the if I had put Mustafa on here he would be challenging Cervantes.
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I had a hard time picking between Gangrel and Cervantes.
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#20WraithX_959Posted 3/2/2013 6:40:33 AM
Yen'fay. While he's not a true villian, he reminded me of Itachi from Naruto.