The many names of your Avatar.

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User Info: bearclaw13

4 years ago#71
*is insane*

User Info: Tewlsy

4 years ago#72
Cheagle, Gum Goose and recently GameFAQs.

User Info: Chrebet808

4 years ago#73
EmeralDragon23 posted...
His name is Davis.

its a gray!
I was programmed to kill your ass!

User Info: Marcus-Boy15375

4 years ago#74
Male: Quinn, Ransom
Female: Valarie, Euphemia

User Info: Cheesypoof

4 years ago#75
Male: Raven
Female: Cassandra
"My oh my, fools aplenty...that includes me, too." Legault, FE7

User Info: Runekn

4 years ago#76
Male: Green, Estryggr
Female Agatha

Might make a male named Rance or something for giggles later.

User Info: Private_Noob

4 years ago#77
Male: Mark.
Female: Mistel.
Arceus: "It's time to bring Humanity to JUSTICE!"
Haggard: "Oh yeah? Says YOU and what army?"

User Info: arcaneja

4 years ago#78
F: Ophelia
M: Orion

F: Jules
M: Roane

That's it so far.
What can you do when all the stars in the sky belong to you?

User Info: bladedaxe

4 years ago#79
Luo, Blade and Selena
You get the option to skip the tutorial stuff, so you'll start right at the balls. - Jabodie

User Info: EvilStorm238

4 years ago#80
OmegChosen posted...
Steres(M) and Celes(F).

I also made another one called Aang.

Cute, I see what you did there, obviously.
"The universe is a yawning chasm, filled with emptiness and the puerile meanderings of sentience."~Ulyaoth (Eternal Darkness: Sanity's Requiem)
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  3. The many names of your Avatar.

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