I'm worried for the next Fire Emblem.

#11KalanyrPosted 3/3/2013 8:32:03 AM
Every time someone complains about Second Seal balance a QA team member cries.

In the portion of the game that balance meaningfully applies to (ie playing the storyline) you will use Second Seals at most twice for characters who lack Special Classes. One of those will have almost no effect because it will be around Chapter 23 , at a point where you'd still have 4 or 5 more levels left to gain in your primary class, and so what it will provide is a single promoted classes level 5 skill. The other one only occurs if you're min maxing and essentially provides you with a few extra levels worth of stats and a couple of prepromote skills as well as a 4 level Experience Penalty for most of the game (as well as moving characters out of the class tree they are most suitable for in most cases). Neither of those is actually particularly unbalancing.

The problem, if one exists, is not with second seals it is with grinding (and I personally don't think that even that is, their simply aren't enough grinding opportunities unless you take the conscious decision to make them through Reeking Boxes/repeating DLC maps/Soloing in which case you're complaining about your own actions). If you've done enough grinding for second seals to be remotely unbalancing then L(+) are the only modes where you aren't going to walk all over the game anyway.
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The only thing they need to do with the next game is make sure it works just like this game, except add-in the ability to replay the story missions. If that's the only new feature of the next Fire Emblem, I will be happy.

Oh, and re-implement the WT system. It's kinda boring when the only difference between weapons is "Stronger but less accurate". It was more interesting when the weight of the weapon effecting your Speed stat was also a factor.
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