I hope the archers in the next FE will be like the ones in New Mystery.

#11PKRockin531Posted 3/3/2013 7:03:24 PM(edited)
I feel like the Archers in NM had more places where they shined. Warren, Ryan, or Gordin with a forged Steel Bow really put in work in Chapter 2 and 3 with the early introduction of the promoted Dracoknights.

Fast forward to Chapter 9 or 11 and you've got Jeorge with his A Rank Bows being a godsend against the 12 move Wyverns in the desert, and for a short time after.

In this game Virion becomes a liability as soon as the Wyverns show up just because you can't pull enemies like NM. Sure he can take a chunk out of the ones in Ch.5, but making that hit means a good 4 or 5 others flew behind it at max health.
#12CreepGnomePosted 3/3/2013 7:02:02 PM
Archers in the next FE should be like in Gaiden, where they had 1-5 range with every bow other than the default one.
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Archer shines more in L or LR because Draug is hax
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