I feel like this game has the worst bow users in all of Fire Emblem

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I really like Noire as a sniper. I paired Tharja and Henry, and fully intended to make her a mage, but damn if she didn't kick ass with a Long Bow and a Killer Bow.

Waste of her +4 Magic, but whatever, at least she gets to keep her huge boobs m i rite?

Eh, Nothing a re-class and a little grinding won't fix. I have like half of my army as Mages and I thought that an archer who can attack at 3 paces is more worth it.
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Reclassing. Use it.

lol @ anyone who reclasses a unit to a primary bow user

I once turned my Mu to a bow knight, luckily it has levin swords...
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Shin, Shinon, and FE3 Kashim are the only good bow users. Klein and FE10 Rolf are above average.
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I've said it a little too many times, Stalh is the superior Sniper, at least of Gen 1.

Chrom is also quite awesome if you intend it to be his final class, some may argue that's a waste.