For once in a Fire Emblem game I want a recruitable character who hides amoung

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So basically, a character whose recruitment method is almost just as obscure as Shinon from Path of Radiance, a character that you had to kill to recruit.

If you want obscure you go Stefan
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There was something similar to that in Tearring Saga with Zeke IIRC
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Embarrassingly enough, on my first FE game. I thought that was actually how things worked.
And to make things more frustrating, it was Sacred Stones, so the first unit to be able to recruit the enemy units was Natasha. So I always threw the cleric in front of every enemy in hopes that I could recruit them.
. . . I was young and stupid. Good thing Seth can solo the entire game, or I don't know how I would have beaten it.
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I think Fire Emblem Awakening was trying to do away with the obscure recruitment requirements. Now, [Talk] shows up right above the character that can be recruited, all of them can be recruited by Chrom, who is a required deploy on story maps, and so forth

Except Laurent. For no apparent goddamn reason.

I didn't find Laurent to be obscure at all. you start right next to the village he is in

Except that you need to send in Miriel for some reason, nobody else works.

Huh? Laurent can be recruited with Chrom.
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I killed Netada my first time through PoR.
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