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User Info: Smash Master

Smash Master
4 years ago#1
Did you accept Lucina's Judgement? - Results (217 votes)
44.7% (97 votes)
19.35% (42 votes)
Yes, I was her lover.
8.76% (19 votes)
No, I was her lover.
3.23% (7 votes)
Yes, I was her mother.
16.59% (36 votes)
No, I was her mother.
5.07% (11 votes)
Judgement...? (I haven't been that far yet)
2.3% (5 votes)
This poll is now closed.
The poll says it all; I'm curious to see what all everyone here said at that point. Personally, I had AvatarF as her mother, and saying yes... wow, thats gotta be one of my favorite scenes in the series now.
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User Info: occupation_bob

4 years ago#2
To be fair I only accepted her judgement because I knew she wouldn't do it.

That wuss.

Still love her though. But not as much as Tharja.
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User Info: Deoxys_Prime

4 years ago#3
I accepted when I had absolutely no relation to her. It was still a pretty emotionally charged scene. I'll be going through it as her mother soon and then probably lover for my Lunatic+ run, if I ever get to that.
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User Info: TehTrumpCard

4 years ago#4
Yes actually, I didn't want Nowi, Morgan(F), and Nah to die because of their father.
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User Info: swongq

4 years ago#5
I accepted but really made no difference

User Info: ChromKirby

4 years ago#6
TehTrumpCard posted...
Yes actually, I didn't want Nowi, Morgan(F), and Nah to die because of their father.

User Info: Is_Corrupted

4 years ago#7
Yes, because I knew the game would piss itself.
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User Info: SwampertOwns

4 years ago#8
I accepted it, only to be rather let down. It would've been kinda interesting being a ghost tactician for Chrom and co.
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User Info: Cloudflier

4 years ago#9
I accepted her judgement. Even though I knew that Avatar wouldn't be killed at this point, I felt that it was what he would have done. Didn't realize that Avatar had a plan together at that point, so who knows if he/she would have really done so. I had no idea relation to her changed the scene though. Might experiment with it more in the future.
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User Info: 123chatty

4 years ago#10
...am i seriously the only one who said no. Honestly, I saw the scene coming from a mile away, and I knew that without me(a.k.a the guy who tells everyone what to do), they'd all end up dead anyways. Really, it was a lose/lose for Lucina.

Not to mention that I apparently had an awesome plan to make everything okay anyways...you'd think that telling Lucina about it would've been a smart idea, but i guess they had to have their emotional cutscene
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