Story battle: FE6 vs FE7 vs FE8

#11EchoPhoenixPosted 3/6/2013 7:24:26 AM
FE7 > FE6 > FE8.

FE7 just has a lot of cool stuff in terms of dealing characters, whether it's with the charming Supports, the conflicts with the Black Fang members like Jaffar and Nino, or even the interesting backstories for guys like Renault, Kishuna, and Nergal.

FE6 and FE8 weren't nearly as captivating, so it's closer between them. FE8 had some interesting concepts, like with Orson, I just think that a lot of things could've been expanded on. FE6 only takes it for me because of the connection to FE7, and it's neat seeing the changes that the characters underwent, like Karel and Zephiel. Although, in the end it just makes me appreciate FE7 more, for stuff like the whole foreshadowing deal with Hector and Armads.
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lordlugia_rocks posted...
FE7 has tons of glaring plotholes

FE7 has no plotholes, actually. You must have in mind that silly SerenesForest thesis that has been debunked several times already.

FE7 > FE6 >> FE8
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All throughout FE8, I was groaning at the utter lifelessness of the characters and story.
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I never played either FE7 or FE6, sadly, though I do know a bit of the former's plot. Just a bit. Besides, FE8 was my first FE game. Radiant Dawn's story was so bad that I don't count it (plus I only ever beat the first act before my brother sold it for w/e reason. <_<).
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FE7 > FE8 Eirika Path > FE6 > FE8 Ephraim Path

No denying it, Ephraim path lacked polish and none of the characters felt like they should have even tagged along. If you liked Ephraim and only Ephraim than the Path is salvageable. If you liked any of the other characters this path was the worst thing ever. It felt like it was added in after Eirika path was long done and they had fleshed out many non-main characters for her route.

That and many characters appearing in Ephraim path over Eirika path make no sense at all.
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As mentioned before, FE7 had great characters and a good plotline that managed to hold up well despite some flaws. FE8 the characters aren't as captivating and the story is worse but I'd still rate it over FE6 because of the ideas and characters that did interest me like Selena. FE6 was bland all around.
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FE7 by far
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WVl posted...
All throughout FE8, I was groaning at the utter lifelessness of the characters and story.

This. My biggest gripe with FE8 by far.
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FE6 was the best, with the 2 overworlds. FE7 was overrated, too mainstream, emo characters. FE8 was just horrible with the whole "time distortion" thing.
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