How long do Street Pass teams stay on the map?

#1littlecletusPosted 3/7/2013 8:06:19 AM
I got my first Street Pass of any type sometime was on my 3DS this morning.

But the guys team is much higher leveled than myself.
How long will his team stick around? Because eventually I would like to take him on.

Also...I honestly have no idea where I picked this Street Pass maybe someone could give me some info on how it works.
Yesterday at lunch I had my 3DS in my pocket when I went to Toys R Us to buy Tomb Raider and then after at Panda Express to get my lunch. Both places were kind of empty and when I put my 3DS in its case for the night yesterday afternoon, there was no green light.
Woke up today and there was a green light.

How close do you have to pass for the Street Pass info to be passed?
Maybe someone in a close apartment near me is playing too...who knows?
Are you a bug, Bill Murray?