Best pairing for Olivia, Sully, and Tharja?

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My next playthrough will be Chrom x Olivia and MU x Lucina, but on this one Chrom is already married to MU so that's not really an option. :\
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One last bump, can anyone offer some more advice for the remaining pairs?
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Im guessing Ricken for Tharja or someone who can pass Vantage

Gregor for Sully (access to Counter, Aegis, Pavise, Renewal, and Sol, +5 Skill cap, Hero class for Kjelle)

Idk for Olivia Virion gives +1 Str/Mag and +4 Spd/Skill as well as Archer, Wyvern Rider, and Mage which are classes Inigo cant get. There might be better options but other people prefer pairing with someone else.
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Olivia gives more useful classes to Lucina than Sumia does,

Debatable. I'd say incorrect myself, but I love Rightful/Aether/Aegis/Pavise more than I love Vantage. Caps are probably better though, but since neither can hit max spd it hardly matters.

Don't forget Olivia gives Swordfaire. It depends if you want more defense (Pavise) or more damage (Swordfaire). In addition, Olivia increases max Str+2 while Sumia doesn't increase strength.

She does give Skl +4 and Spd+5 though but -2 Def but easily remedied by Aegis and with that Highskill and Rightful King has a high activation rate.
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Are Donnel x Olivia any good? Or is it a waste because of Donnel passing down Peg. Knight...
Also, Gaius x Sully or Gaius x Nowi?