Rate the Skill, Chapter 23: HP +5 and Zeal

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User Info: guedesbrawl

4 years ago#1
Glad to see that a good number of people are liking this, even if I make some very dumb errors almost every topic.

Thanks for the support!

-Skill Ranking-

S Rank:
*Aether (Great Lord,Lv5)
*Veteran (Tactician,Lv1)
*Armsthrift (Mercenary,Lv1)
*Galeforce (Dark Flier, Lv15)

A Rank:
*Rightful King (Great Lord,Lv15)
*Ignis (Grandmaster,Lv5)
*Rally Spectrum (Grandmaster,Lv15)
*Sol (Hero,Lv5)
*Astra (Swordmaster,Lv5)
*Aegis (Paladin,Lv15)
*Luna (Great Knight,Lv5)
*Dual Guard+ (Great Knight,Lv15)
*Pavise (General,Lv15)
*Aptitude (Villager,Lv1)

B Rank:
*Dual Strike+ (Lord,Lv1)
*Axebreaker (Hero,Lv15)
*Vantage (Myrmidon,Lv10)
*Swordfaire (Swordmaster,Lv15)
*Locktouch (Thief,Lv1)
*Movement +1 (Thief,Lv10)
*Lethality (Assassin,Lv5)
*Lucky Seven (Trickster,Lv5)
*Special Dance (Dancer,Lv15)
*Rally Speed (Falcon Knight,Lv5)
*Lancefaire (Falcon Knight,Lv15)
*Rally Movement (Dark Flier, Lv5)

C Rank:
*Solidarity (Tactician,Lv10)
*Patience (Mercenary,Lv10)
*Avoid +10 (Myrmidon,Lv1)
*Pass (Assassin,Lv15)
*Acrobat (Trickster,Lv15)
*Discipline (Cavalier,Lv1)
*Defender (Paladin,Lv5)
*Defense +2 (Knight,Lv1)
*Rally Defense (General,Lv5)
*Speed + 2 (Pegasus Knight,Lv1)
*Relief (Pegasus Knight,Lv10)
*Underdog (Villager,Lv1)

D Rank:
*Charm (Lord,Lv10)
*Luck +4 (Dancer,Lv1)
*Outdoor Fighter (Cavalier,Lv10)
*Indoor Fighter (Knight,Lv10)


Sol: 3/15
Armsthrift: 3/15
Rally Spectrum: 1/15
Vantage: 1/15
Astra: 1/15
Letrality: 1/15

Rally Speed and Lancefaire can be nominated as of today.

(For the rules of nominations and nomination paralogues, see the second post of this topic:


Characters that start with HP +5 and can learn Zeal: Vaike

Characters that start with both skills: Basilio, Male Morgan (born from those two).

Characters that can learn either skill: Donnel, Gaius, Gerome, Priam, Male Avatar, Male Morgan.

Characters that can inherit the skills and the class required: Owain, Inigo, Brady, Yarne, Laurent, Male Morgan (Vaike, Basilio, Vaike's Sons).

Characters that can inherit the skills but not the class required: Cynthia (Gaius, Avatar), Kjelle, Severe, Noire, Nah, Female Morgan.


We will be stuck with skills of the male-exclusive classes for a while...but today will be very brief. I won't even need the 2 posts.

HP +5 simply adds 5 points to your total HP. Well, it's better than Defense/Resistance +2, but the bonus is still relatively small. Since it doesn't do much but isn't useless, I give it a C.

Zeal gives a gives a +5 increase to your Critical Hit rate. Eh, criticals are very good, but the bonus is very small. It's just the same reasoning as the HP +5, so i give it a C, too.

Nominate Armsthrift.
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User Info: fueled-system

4 years ago#2
HP+5: B, no way is it terrible but no way is it great, on lunatic it can be the difference between death but still...

Zeal: D awful and irrelevant, waste of a slot

User Info: Rideps1

4 years ago#3
C and C. Another nomination for Astra.
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User Info: supershyguy65

4 years ago#4
D and D.

User Info: RedMageKirby

4 years ago#5
HP + 5: D. 5 HP is pretty much nothing, and Fighter is already the class known for it's HP, so it's not really doing much. I'd say it's easily worse than DEF/RES +2, if you're hit 3 times it becomes less useful.

Zeal: C. 5 crit may be minuscule, but crit is crit, and every little bit can count. Is it a good skill? No. But is it the worst of the worst? Not really.
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User Info: Model_Omega

4 years ago#6
HP +5: Marginally useful early on, but quickly is overshadowed by better skills, D
Zeal: C, not bad, just.... there.
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User Info: Smash Master

Smash Master
4 years ago#7
C for both. They're both very basic boosts that, while they're nicer than D, theres CERTAINLY better things to spend skill slots on.
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User Info: Lurkerkiller

4 years ago#8
C for HP, D for Zeal.

That early HP is nice and helps those who start with it (Vaike comes to mind) but it's not something you want later on.

Zeal, 5% critical isn't going to make or break you, sure you might land a lucky crit, but its not something you should depend on really. Helps if you are already stacking crit though, as a stand alone its not that good.

Also can we nominate a skill we already did in a previous chapter? If so, I nominate Sol again.
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User Info: jazz36

4 years ago#9
I say C to both skills; +5 HP is good for higher difficulties and Zeal is good for classes that rely on scoring critical hits like Swordmaster and Beserker; also helps when using killer weapons.

User Info: occupation_bob

4 years ago#10
HP +5: D
Zeal: C

+5 HP isn't enough for anything. You never usually put your units within 5 HP of dying anyways.

+5 Crit on the other hand is marginally useful. Say you have 0% Crit. That's useless. Even 1% Crit is infinitely better than 0%, but this just gave you 5%. It's not much... but it's better than nothing. If Gamble/Focus didn't exist, I'd probably rate it higher.
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