C/D Micaiah rocks that outfit way harder than Tharja

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Please, Kellam would rock that outfit better thsn the two combined.
The End.

At least he would get noticed that way. XP

Chrom: hello, Kellam er...

Kellam: HUH? You noticed me, Chrom?

Chrom: yeah...um I...I never really noticed how beautiful you look in that outfit...

Kellam: Chrom, is that what I think it is????!!!!

And thus Chrom become exalt of the land with the fair Kellam by his side.
Together they fathered Lucina and Casper the friendly ghost.

Kellam was a girl the whole time, didn't you notice? She was just so pleased that someone noticed her that she married them, even if said suitor was also a woman. She just subbed in one of her brothers on the honeymoon, and her wife never noticed.

So THAT explains the large armor and closed eyes! Its basically the opposite of Libra, looks like a guy but is a girl!
As patrick would say, "its the perfect crime!"
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