Which couples do you like based off of support conversations (NOT stats)?

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Donnel & Cordelia

They're adorable
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I thought Gaius x Sumia was very funny.

Avatar (F) x Chrom is stereotypical, but still very funny.

Gregor x Cherche was pretty heartwarming.

I have a few others, but don't have much time to mention them.
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stahl and cherche
and one of my favorites is lissa and gaius
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I kinda liked KellamxNowi on my first file, actually.

Come to think of it, I also liked KellamxMiriel on my current file. Maybe Kellam's just made of this.
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Ones with pie, nothing like figuring out they want to bang you when they make you pies...
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Romantic pairings I really liked:

MU x Lissa
FeMU x Chrom
FeMU x Vaike (Hate the couple, love the supports, hahaha!)
Chrom x Maribelle (for talk of Lissa's ramparts, and Maribelle's face in the S rank)
Tharja x Henry (Seriously)
Tharja x Libra (Until their paired ending, WTF)
Frederick x Lissa
Frederick x Panne
Cordelia x Kellam
Cordelia x Gregor
Severa x Brady
Inigo x Morgan(F)
Morgan(M) x Lucina

Platonic Pairings that cracked me up

FeMU and Lucina (This was seriously worth not marrying Chrom for)
Nah and her Father (best C support ever.)
Owain and his mother (That A support was awesome)
Lucina and her sibling (using Falchion for THAT? LMAO)
Morgan and her sibling (especially when that sibling is Owain)
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Spoilers, maybe.

But I liked Gregor and Tharja because of how Gregor talks about how he blames his brother's death on himself and asks Tharja to use her powers so he can communicate with his dead brother, going so far as to sacrifice his own soul just to have the chance to apologize.