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User Info: HylianAngel

4 years ago#1
As you may already know, there's been a marriage chart floating around that you can edit in Paint to have your own personal pairings. Here is the links to the creator, joossa's, topic and the template itself.

It's really well-made, and I use that template all the time. However, the image quality for the 100x100 character portraits looked compressed, and some of the character names on the chart are the original Japanese names instead of the North American localizations. Also, with the addition of the DLC characters, there are more marriage options.

I added a few of my own changes to it, and each day I replace an old square with a newer higher quality one. I was planning to do that to all of them, but I was wondering if I should perhaps use the same official artwork used in joossa's marriage chart, instead of the side-view profile official artwork images. Or perhaps I should only add the DLC character squares onto joossa's and leave the rest as it is. Suggestions?

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