Help Planning a Mage for Lunatic + and street pass team

#1ShikiHimePosted 3/9/2013 10:17:47 PM
im terrible at planning out children for this game but i decided to actually plan one out this time around
but i desperately need help with it.

in my previous plays i just took the MU or morgan and gave them Gale force, Ignis, Lethality or Astra, Lucky 7, and all those other typical skills

but this time around i want to make a EPIC mage and i know some suggestions will vary in opinion.
but i want to know what are some of you guys's suggestions for making Lunatic+ tire mage? (that im also going to use for my street pass team
so i have something/one to base mine off of.

which child, class, parents, skills, ect

sorry if this seems a bit nooby but like i said i am terrible at planning children, and im hoping to get some ideas for making a really good mage
i maybe planed out one child before and they were... decent at best...

Remember im not copying your suggestion exact, just trying to get ideas for my mage

all help is appreciated! thank you!~

Ps: which usually has better magic growths between the mage classes, and which usually have the best survivability?