Hottest Male Fire Emblem Awakening Character?

#1PK_GamingPosted 3/10/2013 9:42:17 AM
Here's mine
1. Chrom
2. Frederick
3. Male MU (default)
4. Morgan
5. Gangrel

And not Sully because that joke is predictable and unfunny
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#2doireallyexistPosted 3/10/2013 9:43:55 AM
Ahaha, I just made a topic like this!

Ah well...

I'd say Gaius and Chrom. But I like Stahl too, his conversations are so cute!
#3azn_boy150Posted 3/10/2013 9:44:01 AM
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#4Zell_Dintch69Posted 3/10/2013 9:46:13 AM
I like the Vaike. I wanna touch his muscles.
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#5PKRockin531Posted 3/10/2013 9:46:36 AM
Inigo but only if Chrom is his dad