Rate the Skill, Chapter 25: Despoil and Gamble

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Despoil - D - Too little gold to really be great and Leif's Blade is a more useful version. In no DLC games, it can be helpful, but the 3-5k that it will net from an average map is really not enough for good reforges without doing a lot of grinding, in which case the stat increases from that grinding will be more useful than how little money comes out of it.

Gamble - B - Free crit! The -5 hit can be a little annoying early game, but once Skill gets higher in mid game it's 90% of the time just free crit with no penalty and the few times that 5% actually takes your hit rate below 100%, it's still not usually low enough to make a difference. The only time the hit really is noticed is against enemies with Axebreaker and even then the extra 5% really won't matter since you're still probably miss.
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Despoil: Overall, a B. Without DLC, its an easy A; someone with it can make you REALLY rich. But, with DLC, Golden Gaffe, enough said. Plus, gender issues do knock it down a notch regardless...

Gamble: B. The extra crit is really nice if you have a unit accurate enough to get over the penalty to hit. But again, gender issues. Its funny, the guys have a couple different gender exclusive skills they'd want to consider passing; by comparison girls only have one VERY MAJOR one to consider passing to boys.
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Both B.
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B, B.
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and a bump
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Both C.

Despoil is nice early on, (I assume no DLC, since not everyone has the money/time to use it)

Gamble is good on certain builds, but Sometimes even the enemy has high enough Crit Evasion +10 doesn't help much. Still its nice with a Killer weapon or that dark mage skill that lowers crit evasion (dodge) by 10.
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last chance
Confession Time!
jRPGs are pretty much the best thing that ever happened to Video Games - Soanevalcke6