Paralogue 10...I hate Nelson!

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3 years ago#11
Stick as many people beside the unit as possible (so long as they don't get killed) to increase your dodge.
3 years ago#12
Ivynn posted...
Ha ha!

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3 years ago#13
God... I hated Paralogue 10, but for different reasons than the TC... then again I don't like escort missions period (Enslaved: Odyssey to the West excepted, but they got away with that one since the entire premise of the game is an escort mission so therefore they actually had no choice but to program that one well.)
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3 years ago#14
Capitan_Kid posted...
Did you try using a unit that has weapon advantage AND pair up AND tonics before the fight AND weakening him from long distance? What kind of unit is the boss?

Nelson is a Sage with Thoron, which means no Weapon triangle advantage. You could chip at him with Longbows if you had Snipers, or just only use your highest speed unit paired with a Falcoknight/Dark Flier for maximum avoid.

Or Tomebreaker, if you have it.
3 years ago#15
I finally managed to beat this map, and it felt so good. Thanks everyone! What I ended up doing was rallying luck (I had three people with rally luck) and that got Nelson's crit rate down to almost 0%. Never though Rally Luck would come in so useful!

I'm just glad to have Severa in my party at last :)
3 years ago#16
Lots of different ways really: Tomebreaker; longbows; put a character in range but don't attack, that way as long as you don't get one-shot, you can retaliate and concentrate fire the next round on the weakened boss; Mire; hope for a lucky lethality proc if you've really run out of options; use killer weapons and hope your own crit procs; use two characters with high support with brave weapons which give you at most 6 attacks, on average 4, before he can retaliate, forge the weapon if you have to (if you can't kill him in 4 forged brave weapon attacks, you are severely underleveled); rallies, like combine rally spectrum with rally luck.
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