What characters are capable of getting Vantage, Lethality, and Counter?

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You know, for Streetpass purposes.
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Owain, Inigo, Morgan, and Gaius'/Donnel's daughters depending on the mother.
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Myrmidon, Assassin, Warrior

None of the first gen characters (Avatar (Male) is always the exception) can do it.

Parents that can pass Counter through inheritance or through class set (for male kids)
Vaike, Gregor, Donnel, Gaius, Henry (Basilio, Gangreal, Male Avatar)

Parents with Myrmidon (Assassin comes attached to Myrmidon)
Sully, Stahl, Lon'qu, Gaius, Gregor, Olivia (Sai'yri, Avatars)

Owain (Lissa's son) starts as a Myrmidon

So without any Avatar shenanigans, Sully's kid, Olivia's kid, Lissa's kid when married a Counter capable dad or Gaius's kid and Gregor's kid (female child would need to inherit Counter).
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Shouldn't Gaius and Gregor be able to do it? They both get Myrm and Warrior.
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Oh, right.
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Owain and Inigo will always have access to Myrmidon, Assassin, and Warrior, regardless of who their father is.
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