Give me a pair of characters that don't support and I'll tell you what happens.

#21MM125Posted 3/14/2013 1:49:43 PM
Emm and Lissa, with S support.
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Yen'fay x Walhart
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MM125 posted...
Emm and Lissa, with S support.
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RDS1 posted...
MM125 posted...
Emm and Lissa, with S support.

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RDS1 posted...
Walhart and Say'ri.

C: Say'ri attacks Walhart but Walhart deflects! Say'ri is MAD about what Walhart did to her country and wants to have his head! Walhart be all like "Bring it b****. I'll have you just like I had your brother!"

B: Say'ri attacks Walhart AGAIN but Walhart blocks with his FISTS! HIS F***ing FISTS!! And proceeds to counter with a punch to Say'ri's stomach knocking her unconscious. Walhart walks away "Come back when your ready!"

A: Say'ri attacks Walhart AGAIN and AGAIN until she can retake her lost country and this time he managed to get him in the eye. Say'ri shockingly apologizes to him since it was a cheap shot and goes to him and tries to treat his wound and leaves. Walhart is silent... ELLIPSIS!

S: Walhart goes up to Say'ri and asks why she healed his wounds and Say'ri responds about HONOR and that poking someone in the eye during a duel is without HONOR. Walhart acknowledges Say'ri's HONOR and tells her how he fights with HONOR as well. Say'ri with her sharp senses asks Walhart what he has in his hand and Walhart replies it's a ring for her. Say'ri with BLUSH replies saying it will be her HONOR to be his waifu. And they lived happily ever after!
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Gangrel and Anna, up to S, do them please!
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Sumia and Stahl.
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Emmeryn x Gangrel

This'll be interesting.
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Okay, let's go all Chrom / Miriel.
#30Lylat_Cruiser(Topic Creator)Posted 3/14/2013 2:24:27 PM
bearclaw13 posted...
Prostitute Marth and Tharja.

Pr. Marth: ...
Tharja: Ohhh a phantom I can use you for my play toy to experiment my new HEXES on.
Pr. Marth: ...What did you call m-?!
Tharja: Frogs! Frogs! Frogs! (casting hex)
Pr. Marth: ...
Tharja: did it work?
Pr. Marth: What are your orders milady?
Tharja: AHAHAHA! Now I can control the other Einherjar and take over this army with [INSERT AVATAR] by my side!

B: Tharja continues to order Pr. Marth around and is constantly talking to herself with Pr. Marth at her side.

A: From the previous battle Pr. Marth is badly damaged and is slowly disappearing. Tharja coldly says that she can just summon him again when she needs him. Pr. Marth saddened, tells her that he wished he could have served her better. Tharja having a change of heart gives him a healing potion (ELIXER) saying that he is actually quite useful for making it this far compared to the other Einherjar.

S: Tharja is amazed at the increased performance that Pr. Marth has been showing and asks him if he is feeling alright. Pr. Marth replies that he only wishes to make Tharja happy and satisfied. Tharja, WITH BLUSH, has suddenly fallen under Pr. Marth's charms and tells him that out of all the Einherjar that she considers him her favorite. Pr. Marth takes the complement and suggests that they get married and that he would gladly find a ring to get her. Tharja, WITH ELLIPSIS, is silent...Tharja puts Pr. Marth back into his card and says "I only want [INSERT AVATAR]..."

*Author's note: This will probably be the last one for today so stick around folks 'cause we got Lissa, Frederick , Lucina, and Emm and all your cartoon paaaals!~
The only thing that stops a bad guy with an axe is a good guy with a sword!