For those of you that love the game what did you dislike?

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anna doesn't have +5 everything caps
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Dragrath posted...
-lack of light magic
-bad story(time travel really? unfleashed out story? -_-)
-lack of magic triangle
-lack of status effects(poison, sleep, silence, berserk, stun)and their respective item/skills
-lack of soldier/halbredier line(they could have given their second promotion as general thus little effort would have been needed...)
-lack of any fog of war maps... and the related torches...
-lack f map variety and win conditions
-lazyness on supports(aka fathers)
-the fact that reclassing makes your character use a generic model(or in the case of your mu map sprite too...)
-paid DLC characters just generic characters...
-lack of disarm,shove,canto,nullify(better than conquest/iote's shield),stun,steal,resolve(all useful skills the last one which would have made the vantage/wrath/resolve combo possible...)
-children mechanic
-enemy AI... sucking...

all I can think of...

no, berzerk was the single most annoying thing in the game. damn berzerker ross, killing everyone on my team.
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The one thing that I can think of off the top of my head is that I didnt like how short the game was. :( Only 26 chapters? *tear* I wish the Grima arc or the Walhart arc were at least a couple chapters longer. Especially the Grima arc. It felt WAY too rushed. :/