Rate the Skill, Paralogue 2: Sol and Armsthrift

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I decided that 15 nominations would take a long time to happen, specially since some people are at a one-man crusade for a few skills.

I actually thought that there would be more interest in this, hence 15 votes...well, at least that's what the previous poll suggested ("do you like this series?" ended with 191 "yes" votes with 15 "no" votes.)

Feel free to note if you changed your vote from the previous topic, or if you didn't vote at all.

PS: Whoever nominated Rally Spectrum, I forgot to add the Second nomination...it wasn't in last chapter, but I (now) definitively remember that it happened. Damn it, guedesbrawl, why must you suck so much?!

-Skill Ranking-

S Rank:
*Aether (Great Lord,Lv5)
*Veteran (Tactician,Lv1)
*Armsthrift (Mercenary,Lv1)
*Galeforce (Dark Flier, Lv15)

A Rank:
*Rightful King (Great Lord,Lv15)
*Ignis (Grandmaster,Lv5)
*Rally Spectrum (Grandmaster,Lv15)
*Sol (Hero,Lv5)
*Astra (Swordmaster,Lv5)
*Aegis (Paladin,Lv15)
*Luna (Great Knight,Lv5)
*Dual Guard+ (Great Knight,Lv15)
*Pavise (General,Lv15)
*Aptitude (Villager,Lv1)
*Swordbreaker (Wyvern Lord,Lv15)
*Deliverer (Griffon Rider,Lv5)

B Rank:
*Dual Strike+ (Lord,Lv1)
*Axebreaker (Hero,Lv15)
*Vantage (Myrmidon,Lv10)
*Swordfaire (Swordmaster,Lv15)
*Locktouch (Thief,Lv1)
*Movement +1 (Thief,Lv10)
*Lethality (Assassin,Lv5)
*Lucky Seven (Trickster,Lv5)
*Special Dance (Dancer,Lv15)
*Rally Speed (Falcon Knight,Lv5)
*Lancefaire (Falcon Knight,Lv15)
*Rally Movement (Dark Flier, Lv5)
*Rally Strength (Warrior,Lv5)
*Counter (Warrior,Lv15)
*Wrath (Berserker,Lv5)
*Axefaire (Berserker,Lv15)
*Lancebreaker (Griffon Rider,Lv15)

C Rank:
*Solidarity (Tactician,Lv10)
*Patience (Mercenary,Lv10)
*Avoid +10 (Myrmidon,Lv1)
*Pass (Assassin,Lv15)
*Acrobat (Trickster,Lv15)
*Discipline (Cavalier,Lv1)
*Defender (Paladin,Lv5)
*Defense +2 (Knight,Lv1)
*Rally Defense (General,Lv5)
*Speed + 2 (Pegasus Knight,Lv1)
*Relief (Pegasus Knight,Lv10)
*Underdog (Villager,Lv1)
*HP +5 (Fighter,Lv1)
*Zeal (Fighter,Lv10)
*Despoil (Barbarian,Lv1)
*Gamble (Barbarian,Lv10)
*Strength +2 (Wyvern Rider,Lv1)
*Quick Burn (Wyvern Lord,Lv5)

D Rank:
*Charm (Lord,Lv10)
*Luck +4 (Dancer,Lv1)
*Outdoor Fighter (Cavalier,Lv10)
*Indoor Fighter (Knight,Lv10)
*Tantivity (Wyvern Rider,Lv10)
*Skill +2 (Archer,Lv10)
*Prescience (Archer,Lv10)


Lethality: 9/10
Vantage: 7/10
Astra: 5/10
Ignis: 3/10
Despoil: 3/10
Rally Spectrum: 2/10


For those who don't know the rules, look at this topic:

The only change was pointed out already.
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Characters who start with Armsthrift and can learn Sol: Gregor, Inigo, Severa, Morgan (born from either 3 or Flavia).

Characters who start with Armsthrift and Sol: Flavia.

Characters who can learn Sol but not Armsthrift: Vaike, Gaius, Basilio, Gerome.

Characters who can learn Sol and Armsthrift: Donnel, Avatar, Morgan

Characters who can inherit the skills and classes required to learn Sol but not Armsthrift: All kids born from Gaius or Vaike besides Inigo, Severa or Morgan.

Characters who can inherit the skills and classes required to learn both skills: Lucina (Avatar), Cynthia (Avatar), Gerome (Gregor, Avatar), Owain, Brady, Kjelle, Yarne, Laurent, Noire, Nah.


Wow, and here I was, thinking that the "who learns what" section would be just a simple copy-paste...

Sol. Whenever it activates, you do a normal attack, and half of the damage dealt returns to you as health. It's activation formula is Skill%

Well, it's free healing with a good activation rate. It can really help a character survive longer considering it will be activating often. It can stack with other things that drain health, like Nosferatu or Lifetaker.

Sometimes, actually killing people will make it easier for the others to finish you off. Sol will deal with that nicely, and it will be invaluable in harder settings. I change my vote form A rank to S rank.

Now, about Armshrift...whenever this skill activates, the weapon you used to attack won't suffer any damage, allowing you to use it more before it breaks. It's activation formula is 2xLuck.

You can buy weapons on the shop. You can find weapons during battle. You can get weapons from the convoy through Chrom. You can buy weapons from spotpass teams. You can get free money through skirmishes and specially one of the new DLC maps. Another DLC map also gives free Sacred/Legendary weapons. You can always forge more weapons. You can have 5 weapons with you at once, and should have at least 4 all times, mid-battle recruitment notwithstanding.

This skill's only viable use is to spam very specific weapons. In that case you should have more of the same weapons with you. And more units to deal damage instead of trying to solo things. It's only redeeming quality is it's high activation rate.

I'd rather obliterate enemies with a skill like Luna, support people with a Rally or protect myself with things like Pavise.

I change my vote form a D rank to a C rank solely because good, 10 use weapons exist, like Aversa's Night.
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Armsthrift is crap. D rank easily.
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S and A
Down sword hand.
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Sol is S

One of few skills that has been proven to break the game, the other being Veteran and Aether

Armthrift is for the most part a show off skill

Its decent at times for some weapons, but its hype mostly come from the ussual 20/20 syndrome.

Nobody cares about 20/20 stats especially when said 20/20 is crap for most of the game. The same can be said with Armthrift, nobody care with "omg I use infinite weapon on a character I grind for hours". Armthrift has its uses, and its pretty useful at times, but its not a skill that I would call amazing, or game changing. Not even close
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Ehh I think using the word nobody cares is too harsh

No offend bro
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S and A.

Sol is god tier, and if people don't know why should just try using this skill. It's basically as broken as Nosferatu and I would have given this an S if I actually used it before the first time.

Armsthrift is great but after playing so much more it's not really an S rank anymore as I thought before. Still very useful and nice. Saves a lot of time and money. Time being the important one.

Also what happened to half of the S rank skills?
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S, S.
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Sol is Nosferatu-lite, S Rank.

Armsthrift is a pure convenience skill, S rank for leisure, C rank otherwise since you can accomplish the same thing w/ Golden Gaffe, Infinite Regalia, etc. Not sure how to rate this one, really. There's also a random factor to it, if say, you find an Eirika's Blade in the Prologue and your Merc MU gets to run around with a lite-Brave weapon for the entire game.
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Lurkerkiller posted...

Also what happened to half of the S rank skills?

I...was planning to put only Sol,Armsthrift and the Archer skills because i was running out of space. I rewrote a few tings but i forgot to fix that.

...the 4 skills won't fit now. damn.

thanks for the tip.
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