Rate the Skill, Paralogue 2: Sol and Armsthrift

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3 years ago#331
S and C.

As I've said in the other thread and is probably the point the TC in that was getting at (avoiding names for anti-bias sake, sorry mate,) Armsthrift is only a CONVENIENCE. It provides literally no combat advantage and only a negligible strategic advantage. The only tactic that REQUIRES or even really benefits from Armsthrift is Aversa's Night tanking, and even that is just an unnecessary substitute for Nosferatu tanking.

Convenience is nice, but ultimately meaningless. Armsthrift is worth nothing but some extra gold in your pockets. It belongs in the same tier as that other useless skill that gives you bullions.
3 years ago#332
PKRockin531 posted...
From: guedesbrawl | #313

-about paragon being better than veteran.

in easier difficulties, this doesn't matter. we are considering DLC use here, yes? paragon is totally unavailable for the first 5,iirc, chapters, so MU can use veteran to grow faster than others and have higher stats. Also, Paragon's chapter has lv 16--25 enemies on lunatic, it will take quite a while before you have a fair shot at it.

DLC does not scale to your difficulty, so even Normal Mode is going to have promoted level 16 - 25 enemies. Therefore, Paragon is going to be restricted to runs you've already grinded on(basically worthless, since you already did your grinding and can stomp the game then) or endgame, and at that point Veteran has had it's time to make MU and his two children gods of the battlefield.

Veteran is actually really good to pass down to MU's children if you're doing no-grind, because MU's kids hit the ground running much faster. You can see how ridiculous this is with a FeMU!Lucina inheriting Veteran, since you get her for free and she's around for half of the game to abuse it.

Also wanted to add: DLC does scale to your difficulty, IIRC. Compare Hardin in LB2 Lunatic to LB2 Hard. In Hard he has ~50 HP, in Lunatic he has 79-80. His other stats are scaled similarly.
3 years ago#333
Sol is the best healing skill in the game. Which bring us to Sol's biggest problem, it's a healing skill. Healing skills are great and all, but avoiding damage outright is better. B.

Armsthrift. It's useless for the majority of it's existence. Not using weapon durability is still a great thing to have though, as it gives great flexibility to weapon usage. B.
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