Planning a dlc character run.

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3 years ago#1
And I'm going to treat it similar to how old games (but not exactly). Since I'm a Fire Emblem junkie, I have every character so far. I'll use as many characters as I can, but each character will only have access to three class trees, like the first gen guys.

-Hard Classic
-No Avatar (I'll already have plenty of those XD)
-Only regular character that can be used is Chrom, not even Lucina (Marth can take her sword)
-No Pair Up (Dual attack Is ok if they're standing next to each other)
-Up to the point of the Outrealm zone, Frederick paired ith Chrom is okay.
-If the character dies, I can't reset, so they're dead forever. However, I can recruit them again, though they'd more or less be reset (I may limit this to only one per character)
-No dlc skills

I'm not sure how I should handle grinding. If I do, the game would become too easy, but if I don't I won't be able to recruit a lot of the characters. Although, I would probably only have fielded for a lot of the game a few characters, so that could add up... I don't know.

The characters class list should be based off of the character's personality and experiances. For example, a class list would look like:

Pr. Marth:
Lodestar (base class)
Cavalier (It's very regal, and kinda like Jaigan)
??? (Maybe Archer for a second Chrom?)

Thief (base class)
Mercenary (Pretty sure it's his Spotpass class)
Cavalier (Similar to Master Knight I guess?)

Dark Mage (base class)
Mage (Sporpass class, and similar enough to her original role)
Cleric (Priestess of Dawn needs her staff utility)

Any suggestions?
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  3. Planning a dlc character run.

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