Is there a way to get the GBA Fire Emblem games on the 3DS?

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ROMs are only illegal if you don't already own an actual copy of the game, if I recall correctly.
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IMO, you shouldn't bother trying to understand someone who uses the word that way. Ever since a certain event I won't bring up, "entitled" has become an amazing troll buzzword.

I think I know what event you're talking about. Did it happen in the 3DS message board?
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Dunno wtf is keeping Nintendo from releasing GBA games on the 3DS eshop


Not really; they just really love pissing off entitled gamers.

Entitled Gamers, what?

I don't see how wanting to pay to play old games (nearly 10 and 8 years old now) on a newer handheld makes anyone entitled.

Especially when there are many other old games on it and a new game was released on the new handheld in the same series as the others.
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