=Skill Idea= Proficiency, Eclipse, Blessed Drops, Dance, and more!

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Aye, that's the goal. Make sure you can kill them or just don't set the skill. However, if you're trying to kill a General and are going to do low damage but have a high avoid rate, you might want it to trigger so you can kill him in one turn.

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Fe4 Astra, I'd rather not.
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I dunno, I just thought of one while thinking of the green mages from Tactics Advance 2

Ferality: When attacking, can give a random status ailment to the enemy.

Choices would be between poison, sleep, berserk, and whatever else I can't think of, and the chance of landing an ailment would be Lck/2 %. Within that, the less harmful ailments would be more likely to occur.
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ShadownetN posted...
All of those ideas are terrible.

Lol at not realizing how broken blessed drops is. Player can now used ranged braves regardless of class, and mages can't be counterattacked anymore. Say goodbye to half the bosses in the game, they can't even touch you.