If you woke up one day and found your child from the future, what would you do?

#41MC_STAAVYPosted 3/22/2013 1:35:30 AM
I'm assuming since I'm a guy, then by Awakening's ruled she'd be a girl. So here's what I would say:

"Who did I marry?"
"Are you a nerd?"

If she says yes to the nerd question then I'd say

"How is the situation with Star Wars these days? Were episodes 7-9 any good? How about the spin offs Disney talked of?" Then after she'd answer id say "What are your favorite video games? You like Nintendo I hope? Heck, how is the big N these days?"

Then after the questions were over we'd go to my place. Then we'd drink some sodas while watching a movie or playing video games. She'd sleep in the guest room away from me. On the next day we'd go to find my future wifey and she would help me get points!

However if she said she wasn't a nerd id be all like

"No! Where did I go wrong?!"
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#42Hatched_DomingoPosted 3/22/2013 1:44:35 AM
I'd be asking myself "Where did I go wrong?" right off the bat, since I'm committed to staying single and happy for the rest of my life.
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Like somehow he finds out Doc is Peter and that Peter is dead and he's all like "Aww hell nah. Nobody kills the webhead but me"- homiesunite
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Try to figure out who'd be crazy enough to have a child wit me.
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