Story related MU marriage question. (spoilers)

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Let me start by saying I match up characters for the support conversations first and for the stats/passdown skills thing second. Because that's how I roll. I'm on ch20 and I haven't married my (male) MU yet. Mostly because of indecisiveness. But I narrowed it down to 2 characters: Lucina and Emmeryn. And I know you can't get Emmeryn until you have access to ch25. So my question is this: Would marrying Lucina now change the story at all between chapters 20 and 25?
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Chapter 21.

Lucina tries to assassinate MU because she believes that he will be the one to murder Chrom in the future, but she breaks down and can't do it because she loves him too much. The same scene is shown if MU is her mother, I believe.
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I see... Thanks for the info.
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So what happens in ch21 if MU isn't married to Lucina?
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RaveMasterSol posted...
So what happens in ch21 if MU isn't married to Lucina?

Same thing, without the breakdown. Chrom comes in and stops it instead.
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Alrighty then. Thanks for all the help guys.