Rate the Skill, Chapter 33: Magic +2 and Focus

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C for both.
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Kantonoso posted...
Nidtendofreak posted...
Lethality ignores things like Aegis and Pavise while something like Astra gets completely screwed over by them and Sol's effectiveness is halved by them. If the enemy spotpass team is chalked full of those two skills, or healing/sorc tanks in general, Lethality is the proc skill that is going to work best on them. And hey, if you want to bring up Lunatic+ mode like some people want to do, Lethality ignores Aegis+ and Pavise+!

Hey look, I just instantly made your argument about Lethality having no use invalid! You certainly have to plan around using Lethality (which is why its certainly not A tier), you can make the proc chance high enough that it has a valid use. Heck, its proc rate will be higher than the rate of Vantage or Wrath against Spotpass teams.

Saying its the worst skill in the game means you aren't thinking. It has at least one very important role that no other proc skill in the game can accomplish. Auto-out of D tier.

*bursts out laughing*

Dude, seriously, that's a weak argument for multiple reasons.

1) How often do enemies have both Pavise and Aegis? You can literally count them on one hand in a Lunatic playthrough and you don't need a hand at all on lower difficulties. Why do I say both? Because anyone who has ANY brains whatsoever fields more than one unit and this brings diversity to the table. See a unit with Aegis? Send in the Sword/Spear/Axe user. See a unit with Pavise? Send in the Mage/Archer. The only time either of these skills has ever been even a MINOR inconvenience at all was against Grima's Pavise/Dragonskin combo, and AGAIN, DRAGONSKIN!

2) Astra is pretty crap. I give it a C. THAT proc rate for THAT effect? It's fun to watch but little more, much like Lethality. Comparing Lethality to Astra is a desperate grasp at the straws.

3) PLANNING around Lethality? Lethality's proc rate is too piss poor to be planned with, period! If you're seriously saying Pavise/Aegis are issues that lethality helps with, and then taking pains to plan for lethality? No, just freaking no, the door to "How to SRPG like someone with an IQ over 30" is over there, get your ass in there and take a goddamn seat. NOW.

Dude, calm down. Don't like the skill, don't use it.
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I can't have a post of all caps lock :(
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Just realized i forgot to give my own rating to Focus. It would be a C rank.
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Votation is over, but i forgot to add that the Avatar can learn either skill.
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jRPGs are pretty much the best thing that ever happened to Video Games - Soanevalcke6