Don't you just LOVE mashing the A and left buttons?

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King_Janaff posted...
azn...this is being nitpicky. IIRC, every FE game has made you buy items one at a time.

Yeah, and previous Fire Emblem games also gave you limited funds, so you seldom bought more than a few of an item. The introduction of being able to grind for gold and unlimited access to shops should have met with the inclusion of a quantity by. After-all, you can select how many of an item to SELL, so why not for buying?
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Don't you love pressing the start button?
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uuurrrggh posted...
Don't you love pressing the start button?

My Start button has become much less responsive because of this game.
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Quote:Radiant Dawn allowed mass-purchasing of items.
This. One of the only things it did right.
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