Who was your first bride? (excluding Erika)

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  3. Who was your first bride? (excluding Erika)
2 years ago#1
Mine was Cynthia because she already had lance level A and staff level D and I was about to change her class anyway. : P
2 years ago#2
Cordelia for me, followed by Nowi.
2 years ago#3

Wanted to get Bond and maybe Rally Heart on her.
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2 years ago#4
Seems like a worthless class to me since I don't use Rally Bots so I haven't made anyone into it yet.

If I ever make a StreetPass team it's going to be all Brides though.
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2 years ago#5

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2 years ago#6
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2 years ago#7
Lissa. She actually kills things very well..
2 years ago#8
Tiki because she's my wife and otherwise has terrible Skill choices.
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Official Sully of the Fire Emblem: Awakening board
2 years ago#9
Myself, because I've loved the Bride class and wanted to be one ever since I first heard about it.
Official Bride and Wife of Noire
(of the Fire Emblem Awakening message board)
2 years ago#10
Haven't made one yet, but I'm planning Morgan to be my first bride.
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  3. Who was your first bride? (excluding Erika)

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