What hair color does Stahl pass down?

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Does his child get brown hair or light green hair?
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His kid gets Stahl's hair color.

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Stahl x Nowi produces a Nah with a visibly different dark gray hue... it's still clearly from him, but it's not identical. Sort of like how my Henry!Severa had light blond hair that certainly was not white.
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When I married him as FeMU, Morgan had brown hair.

Guess it depends on the child.
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Kjelle's hair, when Stahl is her father, seems to be closer to brown, though it does look to be derived from her father's green-brown-grey color.

I find it odd how not all of the children's hair color quite match their fathers'. With Libra as her father, Nah's hair is a darker blonde color than his. With Henry as her father, Noire's hair is more pale blonde than silver.
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Roughly the shade of baby poo.
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