So it's been (more than ) a month since release.

#1teamaquashockPosted 3/25/2013 11:10:27 AM
How's everyone coming along?

I'm taking my time, and to be honest I'm still on Chapter 20 , and all I'm doing is leveling up EVERYONE in the game xD

I think I should finish the story soon.... Should've been done weeks ago.
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#2Strawberry_EggsPosted 3/25/2013 11:13:05 AM
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#3Strawberry_EggsPosted 3/25/2013 11:21:57 AM(edited)
I more or less put the game down, though I occasionally turn it on to reread support conversations. I've done all the supports I can without starting another playthrough, and my StreetPass team has all the skills I want them to. I'll play another game (The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap), then will likely do my male Avatar run once I've finished it.
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#4Darkblaze53Posted 3/25/2013 11:19:13 AM
i have this horrible thing where i want to grind forever because SUPPORTS AND PROMOTIONS OMG

Yeah I'm at about Chapter 15 or so
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#5LegoTechnicPosted 3/25/2013 11:21:39 AM
Darkblaze53 posted...
i have this horrible thing where i want to grind forever because SUPPORTS AND PROMOTIONS OMG

Yeah I'm at about Chapter 15 or so

I not only have the same issue (OMG need more risen invasions), but I'm even at the exact same chapter.

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#6Sexy_MagikarpPosted 3/25/2013 11:22:38 AM
...I am also on chapter 15 and grinding supports in my current playthrough.

And I'm on my 4th one now.
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#7FrostDancer289Posted 3/25/2013 11:31:08 AM
Currently stuck on Chapter 16 Hard/Classic mode. (First playthrough)

Would have been on the road to beating the chapter...Had one of those damn Warrior reinforcements not had Counter as a freaking skill and killed my Kellam by using it.
#8EchoPhoenixPosted 3/25/2013 11:32:02 AM
I have two files going on right now, Lunatic and Normal, both cleared. I'm mainly using the Lunatic one for Support grinding before I do Paralogues 5 and beyond (already did 1-4 in one turn).

The Normal file's used for leftover Support grinding that I won't touch in the Lunatic file yet, like the SpotPass Paralogues and stuff.

So yeah, just trying to get Supports to get the full story right now. Surprisingly interested in Tharja's Supports at the moment, not because I'm a fan of her in particular, but because her conversations usually end up revealing and expanding the backstories for the people she talks with.
#9PKRockin531Posted 3/25/2013 11:35:28 AM
Beat Normal/Classic got to Ch 17 Hard/Classic and got bored so then I beat Lunatic/Classic and don't want to do Lunatic+ because I've reset for 2 hours just to get to Chapter 3 in 8 in-game minutes.
#10AngelPeachPosted 3/25/2013 11:39:28 AM
Played through the story about four times now, and on the fourth run, finally got around to doing some SpotPass chapters.