Why does this game give you so many characters?

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You know, I thought awakenings cast was kinda small...

FE8 had 34, 43 if you count the creature campaign characters.
FE7 had 44.
FE6 had 64, 72 if you count trial map characters.

Well, Awakening seems to have 50 main story characters, so only FE6 beats it. (Of the games I compared it to, anyway.) Idunno. The cast feels smaller, somehow, though. lol.
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I feel it's because Awakening does a much better job of characterizing your team than some of the other Fire Emblem games. It makes the team feel closer and more tightly-knit together, since it's easier to care about more of them rather than "this random guy who just joined me because my lord talked to him and never talks again"
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Well spotpass and DLC are limited to having 20 of them, plus they can easily be not gotten until postgame so... That doesn't really count.

And the rest, you know, some people actually let them die? Or like variety?

...let them...die? Did you read this on the Internet or something?

i let my characters stay dead....

What is this craziness...

What's the point of playing classic if you just reset? Real men suck it up.
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