I found an actual use for Archers/Snipers

#11Primum_MobilePosted 3/27/2013 7:51:10 PM
on the very few instance where there are choke point, bow users also serve as a decent wall, since most of the time my (less well trained) wall dies because they keep killing the enemy that comes up to them, so they end up facing 5+ enemies...
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I've never had a problem with using Archers or Snipers. I like them. Virion and Noire can pretty much one-shot just about anyone and I can't recall either of them ever missing. I never let any enemies get close enough to attack them, but even if they do, they usually dodge.

The thing about archers is you keep them out of range until their attack and then they kill everything they can, bring up your melee units and repeat. Always have your archers attack first. Archers can be brutal if used right, that's why when I am clearing a map, I take out the enemy archers first if I can.
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There's an actual use for archers

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BlueDryBones1 posted...
Counter only activates for enemies that hit you in your 1 range zone. Any weapon so long as its in that range.

Archers cant Counterattack in that range so Counter will never work on them.

Snipers are actually one of my favorite class despite being hard to use correctly.

On Lunatic+ Sniper Virion!Inigo is really good as he dishes out good damage and can heal with Brave Bow+Sol+ 51 or 52 Skill Stat. He also has Axe/Lance/Sword Breaker and Pass to escape being surrounded.

His other options are things like Counter/Bow(breaker/faire) and a few other good skills but maybe not as good for Archer classes.

They also get the 2-3 range Long/Towering Bow which is nice. Sorcerers get Mire but its unforgeable Hit really hurts it and they cant attack in 1-2 range making it more risky than using Snipers in the enemy phase.

Your Inigo sounds like a beast. Sound a little like my Niore. She has Lifetaker, Aegis, Passive, Galeforce and Pass. I took Lifetaker over Sol because she ALWAYS one hit kills and she gets two attacks per round, so she always has full health and Aegis protects against tome damage (at least 50% of the time)
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