Thanks to sazuke's logic I realized something *spoilers*

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Your theory is nice, but it's pretty much pure speculation. We don't anything of the mechanics for breeding Grima hosts.

All we know at present is that:

1) Time traveling Grima is dead

2) If MU kills Grima, MU's association with Grima is severed, and it is probable that the Grima of the present world is also dead.

True enough. As others have said, there is no evidence that Morgan can house Grima regardless of the reason why. Furthermore, it seems likely that Grima, the future one and present one, is gone for good if the Avatar choses to sacrifice him/herself. I just figured I'd just take the "Morgan probably can't be a viable Grima host" idea and run with it.
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Robin can become Grima since he has Major Grima.

If Morgan has Major Grima, then yeah.
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I thought that the Robin from the Future (MU - the one with Grima) kind of fused with the MU of Present time which created the Present MU Grima. Which MU (Future Grima - You) have a choice to end Grima - Present MU and by doing that, if you sacrificed yourself to stop Present MU - Grima, then the Grima in Future MU would disappear.

As for Morgan's case, possible things can happen to him/her:

- Before killing Grima, he/she can be a host of Grima/After killing Grima, he/she is relieved of being a Grima Host.

- He's from a different timeline that isn't even related to a crisis at all. Possibly was transferred by a spell or something.

- Something randomly happened by a random spell that randomly transferred him/her to this timeline that randomly caused amnesia that made him/her the randomly Morgan we know in this random timeline he randomly was transferred to.
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From: Aphoph | #022
Major Grima.

so does chrom and lucina have Major Marth or what
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Teh_Tiltyu posted...
From: Aphoph | #022
Major Grima.

so does chrom and lucina have Major Marth or what

They're technically Major Naga.
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Which logical assessment are you following based off my Higher Teachings?

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