I'm thinking of starting Fire Emblem 12/New Mystery of the Emblem

#1superange128Posted 3/29/2013 7:08:09 AM
I tried playing Fire Emblem Shadow Dragon a while ago and didn't really like it at all

I heard FE12 fixes lots of things like actually having some characterization, character development and no silly "killing off your units to get gaiden chapters". Is it recommended to play Fire Emblem Shadow Dragon first before 12 anyway?

Also is the Avatar/MU system similar to Awakening story-wise? I know gameplay-wise in FE12 you can choose the starting class for MU instead of just starting off Tactician.
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You can totally ignore Shadow Dragon since they recap it over the course of the Prologue of New Mystery.

The Tactician will basically solo the game like this game's, provided you don't do something like Archer/Mage MU. He has Assets/Flaws that aren't as obvious so you might want to use a guide for the MU creation to see what does what. He's not as central to the plot, he supports everyone in the cast but other than that he takes a backseat to Marth, since New Mystery uses FE3's story with some extra stuff to account for MU.
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Gameplay wise, the MU is not as broken as this game's version, but still pretty damn godly.

Normal Mode MU is pretty broken though

Thanks to MANY unfixed issues from the SNES version, you are going to see your main units prologue growing well only to have Draug/Palla/Catria shows up and showing you who is the boss around(hint: in the original, Palla showed up with nearly capped stats in several area during an EXTREMELY EARLY chapter)

Also, Draug is really amazing as Glass Cannon. This is useful in FE12 thanks to Archers/Hunters being useful for those flying threats in the game. I reccomend trying Draug as a Hunter

Story wise though, excluding some of pretty stupid retcon, the story is pretty damn good, IMO one of the best in the series. Some of the supports are pretty nice too.
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ah is the MU ABSOLUTELY necessary in most chapters unlike in Awakening?