The ideal parent, Day 8, Severa

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We have some may topics about stuff, but I've yet to see one gameplay-wise about parents. So let's vote!

-MU can NOT be a Parent, since he/she is the single best parent for every child.
-Parents aren't limited. A single parent can be the best option for multiple kids.
-SazukeEX and PK_Gaming aren't allowed to quote each other.

Day 1 - Lucina - Olivia
Runner up: Sumia
Day 2 - Owain - Henry
Runner up: Vaike
Day 3 - Inigo - Chrom
Runner up: Virion
Day 4 - Brady - Henry
Runner up: Ricken
Day 5 - Laurent - Ricken
Runner up: Gregor
Day 6 - Kjelle - Donnel
Runner up: Gaius
Day 7 - Cynthia - Henry
Runner up: Chrom

Mother - Cordelia
Potential Fathers
MaMU (Banned), Fredrick, Virion, Stahl, Vaike, Kellam, Lon'qu (Banned), Ricken, Gaius, Donnel, Gregor, Libra, Henry.

Lon'Qu is largely considered the best unit. He is banned on the fact that he will win this vote.

Personal vote:
Severa starts out as a Merc and gets Sol, Galeforce, Lifetaker, Vengeance without taking fathers into consideration. I really hate seeing the Dark Fliers STR so damn low. It makes me cry seeing sub-40 green Str/Mag numbers that aren't because you did something like Gaius!Noire!Flaw Luck Morgan.

I'd actually have to give this one up to Stahl, surprisingly. Passes down Luna, Vantage, Astra, and Aegis. Gives Severa as a Dark Flier 40+ in every stat but Def.
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Confession Time!
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President_Marth posted...

oh, you...
Confession Time!
jRPGs are pretty much the best thing that ever happened to Video Games - Soanevalcke6
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Would have been shocked if the first response wasn't Chrom.
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guedesbrawl posted...
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Sorry, didn't see the Lon'qu ban. Vaike all the way.
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