"Fire Emblem" Board Game Ideas

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Sounds interesting, I'll try to invest some ideas too.

Well, for a Fire Emblem board game, I'd suggest there's gotta be the leader of the armies too(aka Lords).
Lords are stronger Heroes stat-wise but could only be 1 for each faction. Lords have 2 unique abilites: to boost the stats of all members in the army and boost the movement of all members of armies(can only be used once and not together). About Heroes, change their skill into boosting their attack and defence for few turns. I know it's pretty powerful so their few numbers will pay off their skills.

Although I'd suggest more players though, for more fun and variety. It varies between 2-6 players, and it can be played free for all(FFA: everyone is enemy) or group vs group.
The modes will be like this: Capture the Flag(FFA or group), Last Army Standing(basic FFA), Chess(FFA or group, if the Lord dies then the army lost, basically the classic mode).

I'd suggest varieties on units too, like War Monks(battle and healing) and Pegasus Knights(frailer but faster and can move further than Wyvern Rider), for example.

Also, I'd like to add points. Points allow you to get more units, and it's gotten from defeating enemies. Each type of enemy reward different points, and each units has different costs.

I look forward to any ideas you have to offer! Just remember, this game has taken influence from Fire Emblem. It's not a fan game of it. ^^"

That is essentially what I am making the Heroes at (basically the Lords of my game). Each player chooses one main unit (which has the skills) to be their "Lord," per say. and a handful of smaller units that will act as the rest of the army, but can't use all the skills. This way there aren't a ton of overpowered units running about.

I want to add more players to the game, but until I can be sure the game even plays well with 2 players, I won't have time to make it viable for more right away (deadlines and such). I do plan to adapt the game to be more than one-on-one, though.

Hmm... That is an interesting idea... For simplicity, I won't be adding new "classes" just yet, but maybe some sort of "expansion" in the future with variety classes like that.

As for points, that is possible. I do plan to implement some sort of "system" in Capture The Flag where if an ally falls, you can revive him/her a few turns later, so your opponent can't just come in, kill all your units, then auto-win. You still have a chance even with fewer units. As for Last Man Standing, I may just simply allow for a slightly larger army to start off with.

Thanks for the suggestions, my friend! I will let you know if I implement any specifically. ^^"
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Bump. Pretty much got the ideas all down by now, but just in case anyone has any last-minute idea-trumpers.
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