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User Info: supermegablox

3 years ago#1
How do you get both units in a pair to attack? when i pair up only one attacks but tsometimes both attack

User Info: NovaWingz

3 years ago#2
S rank+brave equipment
not changing this till capcom revives megaman.(megaman star force 4)

User Info: Lurkerkiller

3 years ago#3
Dual Strike rate= (Lead & Support Unit's combined Skill / 4) + Support bonus + Skill bonus (%)

Support bonus: Depends on the Lead and Support unit's support level: 20 (none), 30 (C), 40 (B), 50 (A), 60 (S)
Skill bonus: 10 if the Lead or Support unit has the Dual Strike+ Skill

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User Info: fddsfsasf

3 years ago#4
[(Unit's skill + Paired unit's skill) / 4] + Support bonus

User Info: SorrySleeping

3 years ago#5
Dual Attack (Paired up or just side by side in my)% = ((Lead Unit Skill + Support Unit Skill)/4) + 20 + Support Bonus*

*10% per rank, 0 for no support bonus, 10 for C, 20 for B, etc.
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User Info: almostexactly

3 years ago#6
You're seeing a Dual Strike. When you're about to attack, look at the forecast window that tells you your chance to hit and damage you'll do and stuff. It'll tell you the chance a Dual Strike between the two characters will be.

Dual Strike chance can be increased with supports.

User Info: EvenSpoonier

3 years ago#7
You can't control exactly when a Dual Strike will happen, but you can make it more likely by building supports between the people you want to attack this way. Chrom and Lucina also have a skill that makes it a little more likely, but it can't be passed down or otherwise learned by anyone else.
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