So since Frederick had an artist draw a naked poster of Chrom....

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Kitoari posted...

Cordelia and Henry attained support level S!
Henry and Chrom Poster attained support level S!
Cordelia and Chrom Poster attained support level S!

Now's there's a hentai doujinshin waiting to happen.

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Eh, I would share but than I would be ruining the creative juices that others here have!

i say let those that desire to share to share of their own free will and talents!
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I shall toss in a post now, to be forever immortalized in this win. And contribute later.
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Let's about Donnel, Say'ri, Flavia, Gangrel, and Aversa (and Henry with no wife).

And for children, Inigo, Brady, and Kjelle. Bonus internets for extra versions as his kids. Cynthia, too (I believe you already did the regular one) .

Also Gerome, Yarne, Laurent, and Nah.

And, to win the entire internet, Severa :)
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That's a lot of names and I've done a few of those already.

Which couple do you really want?
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Sumia and Henry
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SazukeEX posted...
That's a lot of names and I've done a few of those already.

Which couple do you really want?

Whoops, guess that's what I get for not reading the whole topic in one go :)

Definitely Inigo, Brady, Kjelle, and Cynthia as his kids.

If you feel up to it later, I couldn't find one for Aversa, Nah, or Henry (solo).

Actually, I should ask EVERYONE for that last one. Does anyone dare to think of a Henry-style pun for the poster?!
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Inigo - Well, well... It seems that I was blessed after all. Perhaps I should thank Father later?
Olivia - Huh?
Inigo - Mother, c'mere!
Olivia - W-w-why are you hugging me all of a sudden?
Inigo - No reason other than... Thank You. Thank you for everything. ...I love you so very much right now, Mother.
Olivia - ....You're.... Welcome?

Brady - Uuuuugh! What the heck is this?! Better yet, why would anyone do this!?
Soldier - !!
Brady - ?
Soldier - Why are you holding a.... Naked Poster of your Father?
Brady - It's not what'cha think!
Soldier - ...
Soldier - What's up?
Soldier - Check it out.
Soldier - ...Always knew something was off with that one. C'mon, the others need to know of this.
Brady - What? No! Arrrrrrragh!
Maribelle - Ah, Brady! I was wondering if perhaps you would...
Brady - M-Ma!
Maribelle - Well, well... What have we here?
Brady - Nuthin!
Maribelle - It is something! Give it here!
Brady - Hmph, fine than!
Maribelle - Oh my... Brady come to mother!
Brady - Aaaaaah!
Maribelle - There, there. Forget everything you saw and just leave your Father to me.

Kjelle - Hmph. Not what I had come to expect of Father.
Sully - What'cha got there?
Kjelle - One of Father's motivational posters it seems.
Sully - Hah!
Kjelle - ...
Sully - What's the matter?
Kjelle - ...What did you even see in him?
Sully - Uh?
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delarosa1101 posted...
SazukeEX posted...
Mudkip_in_Space posted...
I need Vaike, Gregor, Panne, Miriel, and Nowi's reactions.

Vaike - Teach is bigger! Really!
Gregor - Chrom has Swell Sword too?
Panne - ...What trickery is this? An attempt to get me off balanced? And why am I getting hot?!
Miriel - The artist clearly misinterpreted the calculations I gave them for the measurements.
Nowi - Whooooa! I always forget how small humans are! The more I know again!

*gives another internet*

i will also give an internet. good stuff.
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you really know how to write these

Cynthia - Wait... That pose, that glare, and that heroic aura!!! I feel invigorated and look at the army! They 're all screaming in delight and have all that energy to run around now! Yes, yes! It's all clear to me on what I must do as a Hero! Now let's see here... Hey! Who posted this?
Soldier - Sir Frederick.
Cynthia - Right! Heeeeey! Frederick! Do me, do me, do me! I'm Hero Material too!
Frederick - Oh?
Sumia - Noooooooo! Cynthia!!!

i must begrudgingly admit you have a talent for these

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