So since Frederick had an artist draw a naked poster of Chrom....

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This needs to have a reaction with Lucina and Male Avatar. (I know Male Avatar has one but I must see this with both of them.)
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I just started playing this game today and got this support conversation. That made me laugh so hard but these are killing me LOL. Great job!
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Miriel and Lon'qu S support version please!
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I can't laugh anymore this day... I blew a lung.
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teamaquashock posted...
I can't laugh anymore this day... I blew a lung.

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teamaquashock posted...
I can't laugh anymore this day... I blew a lung.


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Tiki - It seems that Mar-Mar's lineage is dead after all...

hahahahahahaha..... oh wow
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I felt this was appropriate:
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Priam: Pfft,ain't got nothing on me.

Lyon: Well, I guess you can take sacred stones to mean that.

Joshua: *flips coin* Sorry, Sister, tonight is someone else.

Sephiran: And I was in the wrong?!

Marth: ... This is what I leave behind?
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Nowi: Hey, Ricken! All the women in camp are having nosebleeds for some reason, and I was just wondering if--WAAAAAAGH!!!

Ricken (posing naked in front of poster): Uh... I can explain.

Nowi: And people say that I'M underdressed! Put some clothes on, you perv!

Ricken: You're not the boss of me! If Chrom can do this to raise the troops' morale, so can I! Frederick, keep sketching!

Frederick: *peeks from behind canvas* Very well. Nowi, some peace and quiet, if you would please?

Nowi: *storms out of tent* This isn't over yet, Ricken! There can be ONLY ONE scantily-clad person in this army!
What was that, Morgan? "Kill them all"? GOOD IDEA! *Ignis* AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!