So since Frederick had an artist draw a naked poster of Chrom....

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SazukeEX, you are my new god.
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BlackBloodDrago posted...
SazukeEX, you are my new god.

So I have a cult now?

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SazukeEX posted...
BlackBloodDrago posted...
SazukeEX, you are my new god.

So I have a cult now?


Normally I'd stamp out all cults that aren't dedicated to me or Tharja, but unlike most, you've earned it.
Why do I have one of these anyway?
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AFAIK I did not see Yarne represented so I must!

Yarne: *ears twitch as he looks at the poster*
Panne: Yarne! What are you looking at?
Yarne: oh just this picture of prince Chrom naked and holding---- aaggh!!! Mom!?
Panne: Oh this little thing... Hmm not much to do with.
Yarne: uh... I might die of embarrassment asking this but what do you mean by THAT?
Panne: let's just say there were bigger carrots back in the warren and theres a reason i couldnt marry chrom. If only you were full blooded taguel... *leaves*
Yarne: oh gods I can feel it... I'm gonna die of embarassment...

Later that evening at dinner:
Yarne: okay no one seems to know about that conversation mom and I had...
Owain: look at the size of this carrot! Such a piece should be named and written about for the future. Uncle Chrom have you ever seen a carrot like this hmm I guess not you don't have a big carrot in your stew...
Yarne: DON'T MESS WITH A BUNNY!!! Agh I need to get out of here!
Owain: hmm I guess he's upset he doesn't have a big carrot either...
Nah: that's not what I heard... *sips drink while raising eyebrows in seductive manner*

I feel dirty... I need a shower
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Stahl sees the poster

Stahl: My lord, i will never take my eyes of you again
Sully: *Slaps Stahl Unless you are about to get your ass kicked eh?
Stahl: Ouch. Why Sully why?
Sully: Don't you know how shameful it is to look at Chrom's Falchion
Stahl: Um....
Sully: Huh?
Stahl: Even when i was young, I could tell what folks feels before they said it to me
Stahl: You'd be amazed how much you can read from a dick, IF YOU KNOW what to LOOK for
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Sazuke may be the head god, but do not ignore the other deities contributing! XD Seriously these are awesome!

Even though I'm not good at being intentionally funny, I'll try a short one:

Morgan(M): Poor father must be so embarrassed. Did you see how he came and tore that poster off the tent side?
Nah: I can imagine. *Lowers voice to a whisper* Though if it's accurate, I hope you've inherited more from Chrom than just his hair color.
Morgan(M): What was that last part, Nah?
Nah: Oh nothing~
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I'ma bump it.
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Yes, yes. There is others in here too that are contributing.

So my presence isn't needed as they're doing a well enough job. =D
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PKRockin531 posted...

Cordelia looks like her head is about to asplode.
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SazukeEX posted...
Libra - Naga be praised!
Gaius - Wait... What?
Libra - Our Commander cares so much for his fellow man that he would go to such lengths!
Gaius - Uhhh...
Libra - The army has never been so lively before! It's as if everyone has forgotten for just this precious moment that we aren't in the middle of a dreadful war!
Gaius - Libra-
Libra - Now it is clear that I must dedicate myself evermore to the blessed Naga so that more may obtain such peace of mind!
Gaius - LIBRA!
Libra - Oh, my apologizes. Did you need something, Gaius?
Gaius - Not to rain all over your parade or anything but answer me this.
Libra - Ask away and I shall answer to the best of my ability.
Gaius - Right. Anyway, where are you getting the idea that ANYONE has obtain peace of mind?
Libra - What ever do you mean?
Gaius - There are people running all over the place, running into tents, and the screams... Ugh! Not to mention that I just saw Ol'Blue Blood tearing up the posters.
Libra - Gah! I didn't know...
Gaius - Hmm....?
Libra - Such dedication!
Gaius - Huh?
Libra - Clearly there must have been some fatal flaw that I had not yet witnessed with these posters and our good Commander has took it upon himself to save us from discovering this to save us from such scars!
Gaius - ...Are you serious?
Libra - Yes! I must be off now to see if perhaps Frederick may require aid to bring about the perfection ordained by Naga herself!
Gaius - ...Huh. Maybe there's something to this praying business after all.
Gaius - ......

Final line got me laughing like a madman, but devour? If that was a deliberate typo joke, it made me wince.
Truth is exclusive by nature, for if it accepts non-truth, it nulls itself and the very concept of truth. Absolute truth cannot 'coexist' or 'tolerate.' Fiat.