Am I crazy, or do enemies hit way too often?

#1ThE_iron_MaNPosted 4/6/2013 10:25:58 AM
I'm playing on Lunatic and I need to rant a bit. It seems like that if enemies have anything above a 40% chance of hitting me, they will. Meanwhile I'm lucky if I land a hit at 80%. I even get hit fairly often when they have ~20% chance of hitting me.

I don't remember this from previous Fire Emblems, though I never really played them on the harder modes. This seems like a cheap way to make the game more difficult.
#2peter_888Posted 4/6/2013 10:34:04 AM
your just unlucky. it happens
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#3SazukeEXPosted 4/6/2013 10:36:30 AM
Yeah. Hit Rates are just higher on Lunatic/+.

And you're not blessed by the RNG Gods.
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#4SWBF2PilotPosted 4/6/2013 10:41:55 AM
26% hit rate? CHALLENGE ACCEPTED. *crits*
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#6SazukeEXPosted 4/6/2013 10:51:32 AM
The Knight at the start of Sacred Stones managed to crit at a 1% chance.

At least the game gave you warning that RNG is going to bend you over and make you its...

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