Is Frederick worth using?

#11TaiphlosionPosted 4/7/2013 4:13:16 PM
In normal and hard i'd use him only as a pair up bonus on the first chapters. On lunatic i only really use him until chapter 2 and after that i use him as pair up bonus.i always use a def+ mu, though.
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#12SazukeEXPosted 4/7/2013 4:13:31 PM
Amazing early on. Horrid Mid-Late unless grinded.
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#13Hours_LeftPosted 4/7/2013 4:14:11 PM
Yes he is.

He's currently one of my strongest and most consistent units endgame.

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#14BlueDryBones1Posted 4/7/2013 4:14:35 PM
Im on Lunatic+ endgame. I STILL use Frederick. He's great early game midgame a bit tougher if he doesnt catch up. Grinding is needed for endgame.
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#15almostexactlyPosted 4/7/2013 4:20:48 PM(edited)
By crappy body guards, do you mean... other high level characters that don't turn out well?

It's certainly worth it to use Frederick to clear objectives (killing enemies headed for treasure, thinning enemy ranks, etc) faster and he provides excellent stat boosts as a pair-up buddy. Early game, nobody can do Fred's job as well as Fred.

When people are on par with him though, his starting stats (bases) are not so impressive. The game has grinding and Frederick's classes and skills are usable if you want to make him viable through grinding. Because Frederick is a gen 1 character, gen 1 characters suffer viability issues more dramatically if you are indeed choosing to grind.

SwampertOwns posted...
I found that if you reclass him into a Wyvern Rider as soon as you can, he makes for a good unit.

PEMN but I did this and it was pretty dire. His high internal level makes him level slowly and his unimpressive (for his level) bases really held him back.
#16DemiseEndPosted 4/7/2013 4:22:33 PM
at 15/1 Fred started to fall in no grind

You have gods like Nowi and Panne and Cordelia and Sumia around
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#17SummonearthPosted 4/7/2013 6:03:05 PM
Unless you are pairing him up with a female character or on lunatic.
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#18PKRockin531Posted 4/7/2013 6:05:08 PM
On Normal he can carry you through the game. On Lunatic he can take you halfway.