CYOA : The Tale of a Plegian Dark Mage Part Two

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3 years ago#11
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3 years ago#12
After hearing no more responses besides the three votes, I can safely assume that "B" has won this round. (Chris's support has increased.)

Without any further hesitation, you decided to change the pairings up a notch and go with Chris this time since you wanted to make sure that Chris gets the revenge that he deserves for what the Dark Knight and the Sniper has done. You also give out a response as well.

You: Chris, I'm coming with you to end this once and for all.
Chris: *Lets out a smile* Well alright then, Shall we get going ?
You: *Smiles back at Chris* Yeah, lets go.

Right after the response, You and Chris began to lead off your group by charging straight towards the enemy with vengeance. While the two of you were running towards the enemy, Chris would pull out his Steel Axe and began slashing away while you pull out the Elfire tome and begin to use the last of its uses towards a pile of enemies that stood before you and the rest of the group.

As for Sophia and Eliza, they remained being paired up but this time Eliza would take the lead and create a very intense heat that would begin to melt the enemy's armor and of course burn their skin in the process. Sophia on the other hand takes Advantage of this and starts stabbing away towards the enemies that are now burning from the melting armor.

Since Eliza had created that intense heat, Rex and Trish would take high advantage over this. Rex would start pulling off massive critical hits and normal hits towards a group while Trish on the other hand swaps tomes and uses the Elwind to slice and dice the enemy with mere wind.

Finally we have Inigo and Servera. Inigo would be doing exact thing as Rex since he too has a Killing edge but as for Servera, she appears to be toying with her foes before killing them right off the bat.

About 10 to 20 minutes later, Almost all the enemies were completely wiped out. There is still one Enemy hero, The Dark Knight, The Sniper and of course three Mages left. As for your group, the majority of you appear to be completely worn out. You had broken your Elfire from all that abuse. Inigo's Killing Edge also broke too but was quickly replaced by a Silver sword. The enemy is starting to get close, what should you do now ?

A. Quickly have Sophia sing to You and the rest of the group for enough energy to finish this fight once and for all. (Builds support)

B. Take the lead while your still pairing up with Chris, then take out your Nosferatu and start casting away for more energy and to end this fight once and for all. (Builds support.)
I liked this Story....
3 years ago#13
Host of the Annual Gentlemen's Gentlemen Dual 2013
"bring me back a corn dog" Dlordflash to me, on the topic of snacking to emagdnE posts
3 years ago#14
A. Sing for meeee
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3 years ago#15
I'm afraid I'm going to have to bump this thread since the board is starting to move fast. My next post will be the storyline since it must go on.
I liked this Story....
3 years ago#16
A, we need everyone to have energy.
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3 years ago#17
SlashReturns posted...
A. Sing for meeee

This. And that was a nice twist to your CYOA Slash, even though I saw it coming from the moment we pursued that obviously evil Dark Mage =P
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3 years ago#18
I guess that time has finally come. from the looks of things, "A" has won this for sure. (Sophia has gained support from everyone in the group including you even though you still have to do that "A" rank conversation with her. The mixed pairings also get support as well.)

Since the majority of your group was completely worn out and the last of the enemies were starting to get closer, You quickly gave out a response to Sophia.

You: Sophia, You think you have enough energy to sing a song for the rest of us ?
Sophia: *Looks at you and smiles.* Why of course (Insert your name here), I'll sing to my hearts content. *After she gets done her response, Sophia starts singing away*

Now that Sophia is now singing to her hearts content, You and the rest of the group had felt a massive surge of energy flowing through you. Within seconds, the Group completely feels refreshed but feels like they would have enough energy to finish this small fight.

Picking up from where the group had became all worn out, Eliza would immediately throw another Intensive heat towards the enemy hero. The intensive heat that Eliza gave off would instantly melt the Enemy hero's weapons and of course the armor which gives off a ton of damage then Rex would step in and finish the Hero off.

As for Inigo and Servera, they would come face to face with the Sniper who was one of the leaders. Inigo would start off by trying to avoid the Snipers aim but while Inigo was trying to avoid them, He would a hit on the arm but what Inigo was doing was distracting the Sniper so Servera would ambush and pull off a critical hit which turns out to be a huge success. The Sniper drops dead after Servera had given that blow then she rushes towards Inigo to see if he was alright.

As for Sophia and Trish, Trish would tell her little sister to cover her which Sophia of course does since they are up against three mages. Since Sophia is now covering Trish, she pulls out her Javelin and starts throwing it at the three mages. Once the Javelin was thrown, it successfully hits and kills one of the mages that Trish would have to go up against. Since Trish now has to deal with two mages, she would smirk for a quick second and surprisingly pulls out a critical hit with her Elthunder tome, killing both of the mages instantly before they even had the chance to cast their spells.

Now It just leaves You, Chris and the other leader the Dark Knight. The Dark Knight would look at you for a moment before he pulls out his Elfire tome and start casting it away. In response towards this, you take the hit but you pull your Nosferatu out and cast it back to gain some of your energy and strength. While you and the Dark knight were having a mage war, Chris saw this moment as the best time to strike so he pulls out his steel bow and gives out a response.

Chris: This is for all the things you had done ! Take this !

With that said, Chris takes the shot and amazingly pulls off a critical hit on the head, killing the Dark Knight instantly. You would look at Chris for a moment and tell him that was an excellent shot. Now that every single enemy has been taken out, what should you do now ?

A. Seize the hideout and make this place your place to stay for the night. It is getting pretty late and I'm sure everyone is pretty much tired from all of this. (You will have access to the support conversations now.)

B. Seize the hideout but gather all the stuff you and the others can use before leaving this place. (You still have access to the support conversations.)

(I'm going to call it a night, I'll tally up the votes when I come back.)

(Off topic: I think I went overboard on this today since we mostly focused on fighting >_>)
I liked this Story....
3 years ago#19
A, we need sleep.
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3 years ago#20
Well guys I am back....but to only find just one vote. The story cannot go on unless there is another vote and I would really hate to see this CYOA just die off like this. I'll come back and check this later seeing how my day is going to be quite busy. =(
I liked this Story....
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