CYOA : The Tale of a Plegian Dark Mage Part Two

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3 years ago#311
daytonthegreat posted...
luigi4728 posted...
what level is our nameless hero?

He is currently a level 10 sorcerer thanks to the dream and previous battles. Last time our nameless hero was at level 7.

I was about to pick F until you told me what level he was at. I guess I will go with E since it is after all a higher support conversation.
3 years ago#312
daytonthegreat posted...
I am now back for some more. From the looks of things, "B" has clearly won this round.

Since making a campfire is one of the most important tasks at a campsite, You simply decided to help gather the firewood with Chris, Rex and of course Inigo before they directly head out of the wide open area. You also bring your Elwind tome as well since it might be a good idea to chop the wood with simple wind magic and incase some risen shows up to ambush you and the rest of the guys who were gathering up the firewood.

About several minutes later after you joined the rest of the guys to gather up the firewood, conversations were made while you chop a small tree down into useable logs with the use of wind magic.

Rex: *Sighs for a moment and takes some of the logs that you cut up from the small tree.* Now this is something I haven't done a while. At least this brings some experience when it comes to sleeping outdoors, don't you agree guys ?

Everyone besides Rex: Yeah.

Inigo: *Also takes some of the Logs that you cut up from the small tree before responding.* Ha Ha yeah Rex. Now that you had mentioned about experience Rex, My father once told me that the best experience would come from making simple mistakes and it is always best that we learn from them.

You: *Looks at Inigo for a moment before Taking some logs from the tree you cut down from the use of Elwind.* Now that's quite interesting Inigo because I remember that saying too because an old friend of mine had told me the same thing while I was practicing the Dark Arts.

Chris:*Looks at you and then towards Inigo for a moment before taking the last of the Logs from the tree you had cut down and responding.* Well you two, your not the only ones who had heard that saying as well because I remember that the previous champion before me had mentioned the same exact thing before he left for good. I will never forget those words. Lets get going guys we got all the wood we need for the night, I'm sure the girls are waiting for us to get back.

Everyone else besides Chris: Right !

Right after the conversation has ended, All the guys would immediately gain support and they would end up heading back towards the wide open area to bring the logs. Right after you and the rest of the guys had returned back to the campsite, You would notice that the Girls got the tents all set up and that the girls are getting along great (All the girls got their support up since you went with the guys). Seconds Later, You and Chris would start up a campfire just so Servera and Trish can go ahead and cook of what they had just gathered up from the small lake. Once again, you began to hear some more conversations being made while everyone except for Servera and Trish was done with their chores. What should you do ?

A. Listen In towards Servera and Trish's Conversation while they are still cooking. ("C" rank support.)
B. Listen in towards Chris's and Rex's Conversation ("C" ranked support.)
C. Listen in towards Your wife and Eliza's conversation ("C' ranked support.)
D. Have a conversation with Anna. ("C" ranked support.)
E. Have a conversation with Inigo. ("B" ranked support.)
F. Remain full alert and make practice some hexes to kill some time. (Experience.)

E. We're almost ready to reclass, if it comes to that point I'll request the General class for Pavise/Great Shield.
If life is suffering, then does death bring peace?
3 years ago#313
Bumping the thread once then the next post I make will be either answering questions or posting the next part of the story.
I liked this Story....
3 years ago#314
Etherealist posted...
"Want me to draw my sword and use some burst artes?"
3 years ago#315
"E" wins.

Since you had nothing better to do besides wait for Servera and Trish to be done cooking the meals for everyone, You simply went over towards Inigo and have a nice conversation with him.

You: Inigo ?

Inigo:(Insert your name here) ?

You:*Appears to be quite curious.* I was there a reason why you tend to flirt on every girl you see. From what I had heard, the last girl you had flirted with was Anna and when Servera saw you, I really didn't think she liked that one bit.

Inigo:*Looks at you for a moment and notice that you were quite serious with your question.* Well I do have my reasons why I always flirt on every girl that I come across with but may we talk somewhere else about this ?

You:*Lets out a sigh for a moment then understands how Inigo feels.* Alright then Inigo, if that makes you feel better.

After your response, You and Inigo would head towards a far distance away from the others and continue with the conversation with Inigo starting it off.

Inigo:*Lets out a smile.* Thanks (Insert your name here). Now to give off my reason. The reason why I always tend to flirt on the ladies is because of my mother. When I was a child (insert your name here), I was always shy and never being confident at all until suddenly my mother came to my aid and told me that to always try working on my confidence by talking to other girls which of course worked...but then I guess I got too carried away because of my actions.

You: *smiles with a understanding attitude.* Well that makes a whole lot of sense of why you always tend to flirt on the girls. I bet your mother was a very nice person.

Inigo: *Smiles back* She sure was....say (insert your name here) if you like I could introduce you to her once we cross paths with her and of course my dad.

You: *Still smiles* Of course, I would love to meet them. *starts to smell the food then responds again.* Inigo, we should head back. I think the food is now ready.

Inigo: *Starts smelling the food as well then nods his head in agreement* Yeah, lets head back shall we ?

After Inigo's response, the conversation immediately ends and the two of you would head back to join the others since both of you were quite hungry. About an hour later, You and the group had their fillings and it was now nighttime with a full moon out. Since it was also dark, mostly everyone in the group including yourself would gather around the campfire and began telling their experiences of what they did before meeting the group for the first time. Since everyone was telling about their past experiences, some people including your wife would ask of what you did. When they asked, You suddenly felt like you didn't want to mention the harsh and cold past you that had but on the other side you felt like you should. What should you do ?

A.Tell them that your experiences are nothing important and mainly all that you do is practice the dark arts. (Supports will increase.)

B. Tell them about your experiences that you had. (You will enter a short flashback while telling the others of what you did.)
I liked this Story....
3 years ago#316
B. I'm interested to see what the Dark Mage was doing before meeting Sophia.
If life is suffering, then does death bring peace?
3 years ago#317
B seems interesting.
3 years ago#318
Etherealist posted...
"Want me to draw my sword and use some burst artes?"
3 years ago#319
B. This will be interesting
3 years ago#320
B < click for real sig
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