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3 years ago#41
Three "B's and One "C"....It is clear that "B" has won this round for sure.

Now that you are currently alone by yourself since that the whole group had split up to go look around the Seized hideout, You decided to go and find Sophia since you and her are pretty much close friends.

Among wandering around the Hideout, You would suddenly hear Sophia singing as you grew closer to wherever it is coming from. About two minutes later, the sound of Sophia's voice would lead you to the rooftops and you would notice her singing away in front of a full moon by herself. You smile for a moment then head directly towards her since she was completely alone up here. Once you had approached Sophia, you would suddenly interact with her by joining her in this session.

(Sophia's "A" ranked conversation.)

Sophia: *Appears to be singing by herself at the start of this conversation.*
You: *Starts to join in by starting to sing with her. It is not as good as Sophia's but its alright.*
Sophia:*Starts to turn around and starts listening to you sing. She appears to be smiling in response towards this then rejoins you in this duet.*

*This singing continues for a brief amount of time until suddenly they stopped singing to each other and begin to finally have a conversation.*

Sophia: *Appears to be really happy* Wow that was awesome (Insert your name here) !
You: *Appears to be the same way as Sophia.* It sure was Sophia, in fact I had a good time singing with you !
Sophia: *Smiles more.* Well that is good to hear (Insert your name here) because I feel the same way too.
You: *Still appears to be smiling.* Yeah.....You know I just realized something Sophia.
Sophia: *Still appears to be smiling.* What's that (Insert your name here) ?
You: Ever since I had met you Sophia, I feel like we became best friends. Back when I was on my own, I had no one because no one ever bothered to talk to me once and I would often end up being treated differently because I was a mage who knew the dark arts.
Sophia: *Frowns for a moment then completely understands how you feel.* I-I was the same way as well right after my parents died and back then, the only person I could talk to and trust the most was my big sister but that all began to change as soon as I met you (insert your name here).
You: *Also appears to be frowning as well but then completely understands how she feels before you go and cheer her up by being positive.* I this case Sophia, let me make this promise to you. I will always remain being your friend until death brings me down.
Sophia: *Appears to be quite surprised about this but within moments, she smiles and hugs you.* In that case (insert your name here), I will make the same promise to you....Thank you.
You: *Hugs Sophia back*
*The hug would last a good minute but then it would break away as well as the conversation.*

Right after the conversation ends, Sophia tells you good night and she will see you tomorrow before she leaves the rooftops. Now that you had visited Sophia, what will you do now ?

A. Finally go to bed but I need to find myself a room first.
B. Explore for a little bit longer before you call it a night. I might find something.
I liked this Story....
3 years ago#42
That was really cute, I feel fuzzy inside =)

Anyways let's try B. let's see what the night has to offer.
If life is suffering, then what does death bring?
3 years ago#43
Bumping the thread and calling it a night. I'll come back later to tally all the votes and post the next part of the story. See you guys later !
I liked this Story....
3 years ago#44
B seems like a good idea. Sleep is for LOSERS.
3 years ago#45
I'd say B
3 years ago#46
B < click for real sig
3 years ago#47
A, for sleep.
Those are brave men out there. Let's go kill them!
-Tyrion Lannister, Clash of Kings
3 years ago#48
Osranger posted...
A, for sleep.

B–But we might meet a new ally, if we had gone to sleep back in that village, we'd never have met Trish...
If life is suffering, then what does death bring?
3 years ago#49
And now I am back...for now at least. From the looks of things, "B" had won.

After watching Sophia leave the rooftops, You simply decided to go and explore for a little bit longer before you call it a night. Because you chose to go and explore the hideout, you needed to be extra quiet because you don't know if everyone is now fast asleep or not and you don't want to wake them up at a time like this.

About several seconds later, you immediately leave the rooftops then go wander the halls of the hideout for a brief 10 minutes until suddenly you felt like you pressed a hidden switch on one of the floor tiles and you had heard a sound coming from the far end of the halls. This gave you a response to yourself.

You: Hmm....that's interesting, I better check it out.

With that said, you went on ahead and look for what ever that sound had came from. It didn't take long to find the source because what you had found was a very old passageway leading down somewhere. This made you even more interested because when you checked the surroundings with the animal mind control hex and mind transfer hex on a mouse earlier, it never came across this one path. What should you do ?

A. Head down this ancient pathway, I might find something really interesting but chances are that there might be high risks because you had no information of this area.

B. Ignore it then check it out tomorrow as you need the sleep and it would be better if you took someone with you, that way you would avoid the risks.
I liked this Story....
3 years ago#50
B dont want to risk going into a possibly risen infested ancient hallway dead tired and alone < click for real sig
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