CYOA : The Tale of a Plegian Dark Mage Part Two

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3 years ago#421
Looks like "B" has won this round for sure.

Since the peddler was heading towards you and the groups way, you would simply head towards the man and asked if he was selling anything but to your surprise he is so he unzips his coat and opens the jacket up to show off his wares. Apparently this guy has a ton of assortment of tonics, Concortions and of course one tailsmen for sale.

Also since the peddler had shown of his wares in front of the group, Everyone was quite interested of buying a tonic since it might be proven to be quite useful in the mere future. Since you had asked this man to show off his wares, you were of course first in line. This is what everyone had bought.

You had bought a Magic & Speed Tonic and the Concortion.
Sophia had bought a Strength and Speed Tonic
Inigo had bought a Speed & Defense Tonic and the Concortion.
Servera buys the same thing as Inigo.
Trish buys the same exact thing like you did.
Chris had bought the Tailsmen, Strength & Defense Tonic
Rex ends up buying the last Speed Tonic and the last Strength Tonic
Eliza ends up buying only a Defense Tonic.
Celica buys the last two Magic Tonics and a Concortion.
Anna doesn't buy anything seeing how she likes her money.

Now that everyone has gotten the things they had needed, the Peddler smiles and thanks you and the group greatly for buying off most of the stuff from him before he leaves. Once the Peddler has left, you and the group continued onwards towards Arena Ferox since that's where the grand fighting tournament was located.

About 25 minutes later, you and the group had finally arrived at the main entrance of Arena Ferox and immediately noticed that there was a lot of battle contestants signing up before heading in completely. Among the battle contestants you had noticed Robin and Chrom, the same two people from your strange dreams who were now signing up for this event. This of course surprised you for a moment but then suddenly realized that the dreams that you had were trying to tell you that this was your destiny !

Seconds after you had noticed those two and watched them head inside the arena, Chris would inform you and the others that he is going to sign up but before he could proceed, you would stop Chris for a moment and told him that you were going to sign up as well. Because you had told him, Chris lets out a sigh then tells you alright before the two of you would head over to register your names. Just when you and Chris were halfway towards the registration papers, Inigo would stop the two of you for a moment and give out a quick response.

Inigo: *Looks at you with a very serious look.* (Insert your name here), You mind if I tagged along as well ? I want to see how well I can do against my own dad !

What should you do in response towards his question ?

A. Let Inigo sign up for the grand fighting tournament. (Support will increase)

B. Refuse to let Inigo sign up for the grand fighting tournament. You care for his safety after all. (Support will increase even if you refuse.)

(Off topic: I am going to call it a night, I will tally up all the votes when I come back.)
I liked this Story....
3 years ago#422
A. Why not ?
3 years ago#423
3 years ago#424
Etherealist posted...
"Want me to draw my sword and use some burst artes?"
3 years ago#425
A. is Dark Mage's last dream about fighting Chrom about to come true?
If life is suffering, then does death bring peace?
3 years ago#426
3 years ago#427
I have finally returned and I am so sorry it took a very long time to get back with you guys. From the looks of things, "A" has won this round for sure.

Right after Inigo had given his response, You would look straight into his eyes and clearly notice that he was very determined and very willing to see his father. It wouldn't take long to give out a response.

You: *Serious look turns into a Smile.* Alright then Inigo, you can sign up with us but if it gets bad, make sure you surrender if you are about to lose okay ?

Inigo:*Smirks for a moment towards your response.* Alright then (Insert your name here). You have my word.

Right after Inigo's response, The three of you would immediately sign up for the tournament and head directly inside the arena while the rest of the group was asked by the officals to head towards a different entrance if they were not going to sign up. Of course the group would quickly understand and do what the officials had asked by heading towards a different entrance since they are only interested of watching you, Chris and Inigo.

Now that the three of you were now inside the arena, you were immediately greeted by a crowd of people who are currently cheering for the warriors that participated in this event and all of the warriors that you Inigo and Chris will have to put up with. You had also noticed that this arena was exactly like in your second and last dream that you had and this would make you feel uneasy for a moment until Chris would look at you and give out a response.

Chris: *Appears to be curious* Are you okay (Insert your name here) ? If you want you can just step down and join the others.

You: *Stops being uneasy becomes rather serious* No I think I will not do that, besides I need to see this through and try to help you get your title back.

Chris: *smirks for a moment* Heh thanks (insert your name here), that means quite a lot to me.

You: *Smirks back at Chris*Don't mention it.

Right after the response, you were immediately were confronted by the two hosts Flavia and Basilio, the leaders of west-khan and east-khan. They would explain that this grand fighting tournament will decide who will be the new ruler between the two hosts and the winner of this tournament will become Flavia's champion and will have to go against Basilio's champion. Who ever wins that battle will decide who will be the new ruler and you shall be rewarded for your efforts.

Since the two hosts had mentioned this, they would also tell you this will be a free for all match and the last 6 people who are left standing will go to the finals. Right after their response, Flavia would immediately tell you that match has immediately begun and all the fighters who were listening to this would draw out their weapons while you pull out your Elwind tome and tell Chris and Inigo that we should stick together until the finals. They had agreed with you and began fighting the enemy. What should you do now that the free for all match had begun ?

A. Pair up with Chris (Support will increase for Chris.)
B. Pair up with Inigo (Support will increase for Inigo.)
C. Fight alone while protecting Chris and Inigo. (Support will increase a little bit for both of them.)
I liked this Story....
3 years ago#428
A. Bros for life.
3 years ago#429
Bumping the thread.
I liked this Story....
3 years ago#430
Etherealist posted...
"Want me to draw my sword and use some burst artes?"
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